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Hard Drives are the heart of the computer, and we depend on them to store information ranging from documents, games, pictures, videos and more. But what if a hard drive suddenly fails on you? How would you recover your precious data?

The first step is to actually prevent such issues from occurring. No, I don’t mean the prevention of hardware failure, but not being dependent on the hard drive. For this, you will need to have a backup of your data, stored elsewhere, say for example, an external hard disk which will act as a secondary storage.

Another option is to use internet based storage services, aka Cloud Services. But this is quite expensive, and also results in excessive data consumption.

Manual backups of data is also a rather cumbersome task, which is why it is recommended to use a software which will help you manage backups automatically. This is possible with Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional coupon

At first glance, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional may look similar, if not identical to Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite. But they are not the same. The Pro version offers a plethora of advanced features, which are not available in the Suite.

Before we look at the features in Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional, lets take a quick look at the User Interface of the program.

The image featured above is of the Express Mode UI. It does look very Modern and a bit Windows 8 Start Screen-ish I daresay. That is not a bad thing though, since the colorful and large tiles, clearly explain what each function is for, and hence enhances the use friendliness of the program quite a bit.

You can switch to the Full Launcher Mode from the above screen. This will bring up the following interface.

Click on the various options in the ribbon UI to perform various tasks.

Backup and Restore:

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional has all of the regular file backup, full drive backup and restore options, including incremental backup, differential backup in, and also comes with some very interesting backup modes.

First is the Hyper-V backup, which supports Microsoft’s Server Virtualization systems PC. It also supports Cyclic backup and Synthetic backup too. The latter, if you aren’t aware of it, is a combination of a full backup and incremental backup. That is, it uses a full disk backup and analyzes the file changes and backs that particular file alone into the full backup.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional Coupon Code


Sometimes, you may wish to partition your hard drive into various parts like C: D: E: drives. Windows is typically installed on C: Drive, while you can use the others for your personal purposes like installing applications, games, etc.

But, partitioning a drive is a cumbersome task, and one which is not remotely user friendly. Even if you use Windows Disk Management, you could end up making some error, which may ultimately end up causing a PC with a failed boot or a damaged MBR (Master Boot Record).

None of this needs to be on your mind, as Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional has user friendly methods for partitioning hard drives. Additionally you can also merge and resize partitions with ease. The best part is that, it even supports Bitlocker encrypted volumes.


You can migrate backups of drives to a new drive or a computer, and pick up where you left off. And this migration in Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional works even in P2P (Physical to Physical) and P2V (Physical to Virtual) Copy backup too.

Speaking of virtualization, the software supports virtually supports (pun intended), every known virtual machine system out there. This includes the likes of MS Virtual PC 2007, MS Windows Virtual PC, VMware Player, VMware Fusion/Workstation, Parallels Workstation and also the Virtual Containers (.vhd, .vmdk) and of course the inhouse formats of Paragon’s Backups (.pbf, .pvhd).


Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional supports Windows PE, to create emergency rescue disks which as the name suggests can be used in the case of an emergency (e.g.: boot failure) and
recover files quickly.

Secure Data Wiping:

Disposing a hard drive is not easy. You have to ensure that there is absolutely no risk involved, after all who can afford to have their data or identity stolen, from files which may be recovered after formatting the hard drive.

A secure way to overcome this issue is wiping the hard drive after a format. And Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional does this with the help of three special algorithms which match the standards of the legal and secure wiping methods used by 5 Government agencies across the World.

Buy Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional at an incredibly low price, with our exclusive discount code. If you want a really good data wiping software, which comes with a set of powerful backup and partitioning tools, you needn’t look further, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional has you covered.