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Partitioning a hard drive, aka dividing it up into smaller sections is no easy task. Normally we partition drives for one purpose, to install an operating system. The rest of the partitions are usually reserved for media related content (games, movies, songs etc).

But some users tend to use two partitions on their harddrives, to run multiple operating systems (for e.g: Windows 7 and Windows 10, or even a Linux Distro).

How do you partition a hard drive? Two methods are most commonly used, the Windows Installer, which can format and create partitions, and the default Disk Management Tool, in Windows. What is common between the two? You guessed it right, neither of them are even remotely user friendly.

One look at the options is enough to cause confusion in the average user’s mind, ancould even lead him/her to drop the idea. Fret not, for there is a simple solution at hand, use a well designed program created just for this purpose, Paragon Partition Manager Professional.

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Just like the other programs from the company, Paragon Partition Manager Professional also has the familiar has the metro UI with the large tiles, called the Express Launcher. Now this is what you call a user friendly UI.

There is of course a full launcher with the more extensive options, for power users. Check out the ribbon interface, everything is categorized well. And the options seen there are indeed very powerful.

Partition Management:

This is where Paragon Partition Manager Professional obviously excels. It lets you create partitions, format them to various file system formats such as NTFS, FAT etc. You can partition them to suitable sizes, assign drive letters and labels too.

It also lets you move partitions or resize them in order to make room for a new partition. When you do move or resize apartition, none of the data stored on it will be erased. You can also use Paragon Partition Manager Professional to delete partitions completely, in case you want to get free space for other content.

Alternatively, you may also consider splitting a partition (the result will be two different partitions of the same file system format). Similarly you can also merge two partitions into a single one.

The program lets you distribute the free unallocated space, to your existing prtitions to increase their capacitity. This is pretty useful, in case you want to add more space to say C: drive, where Windows is installed.

Paragon Partition Manager Professional has an Undelete Partition option, which helps you  recover an accidentally deleted partition. Yes, it actually undeletes it. It’s like magic and a total lifesaver.

Another useful feature in the program is the ability to convert the file system from FAT to NTS, or HFS to NTFS. You may also convert the Master Boot Record (MBR) or a GUID Partition Table (GPT) to a simple MBR disk, or the other way around. Similarly it can also handle boot management (select which OS to boot), and even fix boot issues.

Partition Backup and Restore:

Paragon Partition Manager Professional can backup your entire hard disk, or even the individual partitions separately. And you can store these disk image backups in various ways. You could save them to your main hard drive (PC’s internal HDD), an external HDD, or even a CD/DVD. In fact you can save it to a network drive too.

There is a great advantage to storing backups on external devices. You can connect them to another PC and use them. Say for example, you buy a new HDD, and want to transfer your existing content to the new one, with all the partition info intact, you can do it.

Bootable recovery environment:

Paragon Partition Manager Professional allows you to create a bootable recovery media (USB flash drive or an ISO which you can burn to a DVD). This can be either a Linux/DOS based or WinPE based environment. You can use this to recover files, restore from backup and more.

Paragon Partition Manager Professional coupon code

Virtual Disks:

Paragon Partition Manager Profession also supports virtual disks for backup and restore. This includes the company’s propreitary format pVHD images (also PBF files), and other virtualization software including MS Virtual PC, VMware Workstation 10.0, VMware Fusion, Hyper V and Oracle VirtualBox 4.

Smart-Partition and Power Shield:

Paragon Partition Manager Professional comes with two very special tools: Smart-Partition and Power Shield. The former allows you to perform partitioning operations without data loss. The latter prevents errors which occur due to power outages, and the operations will resume when you are back on the grid.

A beautiful UI and simple to use functions, make Paragon Drive Copy Professional a joy to use, ensuring that it is the best migration software ever made.

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