Parallels Desktop for Mac Download 14-Day Trial & 15% OFF

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Parallels Desktop for Mac is the perfect alternative for Bootcamp. Who needs booting into Windows or macOS and being restricted to using one operating system at a time? You can multitask between Windows applications and macOS apps at the same time thanks to this virtual machine app. Use code 31C-R1U-CPZ at checkout.

Want to use Microsoft Edge on your Mac? Yes, it is possible, all while using macOS too. Isn’t that amazing? Parallels Desktop can help you do this and also access Microsoft’s Cortana, the People Bar, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc and other Windows features. And this works the other way too, meaning you can macOS’ key features like Spotlight, Finder, etc.

You can make use of the Dock, Launchpad, Windows Application Folder, by placing shortcuts to your Windows programs, which allows you to launch the apps quickly. MacBook Pro users can add shortcuts to the TouchBar too. The Picture-in-Picture mode in the app, lets you view the VM in a windowed mode, while you work in macOS.

Parallels Desktop lets you use Windows programs in full screen with support for enhanced Retina display., and also supports drag and drop for copying content between macOS and Windows. You can allot a maximum of 32 virtual CPUs, up to 128GB of vRAM for each virtual machine.

You can use Linux in Parallels Desktop too, if you want to. Installing operating systems is easy thanks to the options that the virtual machine offers including installing from a DVD disc, an ISO image, or a USB drive. If you have a PC, and wish to import content from it to the virtual content, you can do that. The same can be said about Bootcamp installations of Windows.

There are 30 tools which are available in Parallels Toolbox, which you can use for productivity or everyday purposes such as downloading videos, recording audio content, or create a video of your desktop or other applications, edit videos, etc. And the best part? You get Parallels Toolbox for free with Parallels Desktop.

Parallels Desktop is the most user friendly VM app available for Mac, and with all these features packed in, you are getting your money’s worth.