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Which computer do you use at work? Does it run on Windows or Mac? Most likely the answer will be the former. Windows is more popular, and devices running the OS, laptops, desktops, etc are more affordable. And offices tend to buy a volume license from Microsoft for using the operating system on all the computers on their business premises.

But not all offices do this. Some use Apple Mac systems, and this is where it may get tricky. Your clients may ask you to work with Windows software or your IT teams may need to use some Windows programs, or even code using developer platforms which are exclusive to Windows. Or you may want to use Windows specific programs like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, etc on your Mac.

The solution, obviously to use a virtual machine. But instead of emulating macOS on a Windows PC, you should consider the opposite. We say this because macOS has some superb software features, and its powerful hardware is more than a match for running Windows programs.

Wait, can you use macOS features in a Windows virtual machine? Yes, that is possible, with the help of a particular app called Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro.

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There are some advantages to running Windows inside maOS, as opposed to running Windows in Boot Camp. For starters you can use both mac apps and Windows programs side by side, something which is not possible in Windows in Boot Camp. The advantage is more so, in thar you don’t have to reboot for using either operating system.

Installing Windows in Parallels Desktop, is a piece of cake. You have multiple options to do so. You can migrate an existing installation of Windows to your Mac, which can be from another PC. Or if you have installed Windows on your Mac, using Boot Camp, you can import it to run in Parallels Desktop directly. Or you can make Parallels Desktop boot the Windows from Boot Camp directly, at the cost of some limitations.

If neither of those are your cup of tea, you can go old school and install Windows from an ISO image or a DVD and start using a fresh copy of the operating system. What if you don’t have a Windows disk or ISO to install it from? Don’t worry about that. Parallels Desktop lets you buy a new license for Windows 10 directly from Microsoft. How cool is that?

What if you want to install an older version of Windows in Mac? Parallels Desktop lets you install any version of Windows that you want to. This includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 9. In fact, you can install whatever operating system that you want to, as it is not limited to Windows installations. If you want to install Linux distros and Unix versions, or even Google’s Chrome OS, you can install them on your Mac using Parallels Desktop.

To start Windows you can either use the Control Center option in the app, and selecting the power button, which can be found below the Windows option. A simpler way would be to run a Windows program, which you have installed in your macOS. You can run Windows applications from your dock, just like any mac app. Parallels Desktop has one click optimization, so you can run any application in your Windows VM without impacting the performance of your Mac.

To install Windows applications in macOS, simply run the installer file (usually the ones in the .EXE format) and proceed in the way Windows would let you install it. The specialty of Parallels Desktop, is that it allows you to use macOS specific features, in Windows programs. So you can use Finder to get definitions, use the Launchpad, Spaces, Mission Control, etc with ease.

The Pro version of Parallels Desktop can support up to 16 virtual CPUs and 64GB of vRAM per VM, which is four times of those supported in the normal version of the app. And with the incredible amount of virtual memory and processors. you can use any Windows program, without lags or worries about resource usage. Also, the Pro version has support for nested virtualization and guest OS debugging.

Using Parallels Desktop’s  special Coherence mode, you will able to use Windows programs along side macOS apps, as if they were part of macOS itself. Kind of like how you use alt-tab to switch between programs in Windows. A huge advantage is that it supports macOS’ Time Machine, so you can work away with Snapshots to fall back to.

Parallels Desktop lets you share all of your to hardware including your Mac device’s Retina Display, Force Touch, and even the ports it has such as the USB-C or USB 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt port, Firewire port, and all devices you connect to the computer, between the Windows VM and macOS. You can copy files from macOS to Windows easily, or even drag and drop files between the two. Want to use Cortana on your Mac, run Windows in full screen? You can do that with Parallels Desktop.

Just like in the regular version, Parallels Desktop, you get a 1 year subscription of incremental online backup up to 500GB, which is powered by Acronis, for free, with Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro. In addition to this, you also get full support for many development, testing, and designing tools, such as Visual Studio, Vagrant, and Jenkins, and a Microsoft Visual Studio Plug-in for testing your programs across platforms. There are some networking tools and support for business cloud services available in the app too. And you get premium phone and email support round the clock, 24 x 7.

Buy Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. Whether you are new to macOS, or a Windows enthusiast with a Mac device, this is a must have app for you.