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Looking for the best way to run Windows on your Mac? Before you decide to opt for Bootcamp, you should consider Parallels Desktop as an alternative. Because you won’t be booting back and forth between operating systems. You will be running Windows inside macOS. Use code 31C-R1U-CPZ at checkout.

Don’t worry about complexity, because there isn’t any. Parallels Desktop is very user friendly. Even installing Windows is a piece of cake, you can choose one of three options to do so. You can install Windows 10 from an ISO and start from scratch.  The app also allows you to import a bootcamp install of Windows, or migrate an installation of Windows 10 from your PC.

The specialty of Parallels Desktop is that you can use apps from either Windows or macOS simultaneously. This is not possible in Bootcamp, right? And that is not all, Parallels Desktop brings the best features from both operating systems, by allowing you to use Cortana, Task View, Microsoft Edge etc in macOS, like they were built in to the OS.

You can run Windows apps in your Mac just by clicking on a shortcut, which will automatically start the virtual machine, if it was not running already. Does this sound like Windows or running Windows in macOS? See, that’s how easy it is to use Parallels Desktop. You don’t have to compromise your familiarity with Windows when using the VM app.

Parallels Desktop allows you to play games, run any application on your Mac, and harness the full processing power of your machine, thanks to the fact that you can use up to 32 vCPU and 128 GB vRAM for every virtual machine, in Parallels Desktop. Should you want to run Linux on your Mac, you can do that. This is especially useful if you are an app developer, and you want to code apps across various platforms.

There is a cool Picture-in-Picture mode, which lets you monitor your Windows virtual machine, in a small window. Parallels Toolbox, a collection of excellent tools, is available for free with Parallels Desktop. You can use these tools to download videos, convert videos, record the screen, take screenshots, open and create archives, etc.