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Don’t have a Windows PC or a laptop, but you still want to work on the operating system for work or personal usage? If you have a macOS device like a Macbook or an iMac, you are in luck. There is a simple method to get Windows running on your Mac.

And no, we don’t recommend using BootCamp. Why? Because, it is such a hassle to reboot in to the OS when you want to use a Windows application, and then back into macOS to use a Mac app. It is extremely time consuming.

Why do that when you can run Windows within your macOS? That is a much better option, if not more efficient. That is why Parallels Desktop is trusted by many a Mac user, including us.

You can use the virtual machine app for anything, from running Windows prograns, playing Windows exclusive games, or even heavy duty stuff like editing graphics. Not only that, Parallels Desktop can also be used for running Windows applications and mac apps along side each other.

When you run Parallels Desktop for the first time, the app will bring up an installation assistant. This can be used to download and install Windows 10, directly from Microsoft servers. ow cool is that?

But, there are other ways to install Windows. You can use an ISO image, or an OS stored on a USB flash drive, or migrate an existing installation of Windows, or import a bootcamp installation of Windows in to the app. This includes all of your applications and data from Windows, which you previously had, so you can pick up your programs and files where you left off.

Wait, it does get better. You are not limited to running Windows, as the virtual machine can also be used to work with Linux distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, or CentOS . And these can also be downloaded with the installation assistant. We advise you to either install Windows from scratch or migrate it from a different computer, because the import of a BootCamp installation cannot be used for Snapshots or Rollback.

You can use any of your Mac’s special features, such as the Retina Display or the Touch Bar with Windows. The app even allows you to customize the shortcut icons displayed on the virtual bar, so you view the icons for Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Explorer, Task View and access them quickly.

Parallels Desktop Coupon Code

To install a program on your Mac, download or copy the EXE installer of the application to your Mac, and then double click to run it. This will make Parallels Desktop recognize it intelligently, and install it in your virtual machine. Similarly, you can create desktop shortcuts for Windows applications, and keep them on the macOS dock. The virtual machine will start when you try to run the program from the shortcut.

We ran some heavy applications in our VM, and Parallels Desktop handled them like a pro. You can expect a similar performance on your Mac, let’s say when you are using Adobe PhotoShop or Corel DRAW, or other resource intensive apps and games, thanks to the fact that the app officially supports up to 32 virtual CPUs, and 128GB of vRAM per virtual machine.

You can run apps from Windows and macOS at the same time, and copy text and other content from one OS to the other as if they were both apps from the same operating system. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to drag and drop content for copying and pasting data.

Any Windows application can be run in full screen mode, but should you want to alter the the resolution of the window, you can do so from Parallel’s Desktop’s menu. This menu can also be used to reboot Windows. And of course you can switch between a mac app and a Windows program to multi-task just like that. Speaking of which, you can use the Picture-In-Picture mode in the app, to resize the virtual machine’s window, which can then be moved to any part of the screen. And you can also use the app to enable the Windows 10 People Bar, which in turn will display your recent contacts on the dock in macOS, Similarly Parallels Desktop allows you to use the special features of macOS, like Spotlight, Finder, etc while you work with Windows applications.

Parallels Desktop comes with a free set of tools, called the Parallels Toolbox. It has over 30 utilities which can be used for setting your Mac to not sleep, or do not disturb (mutes notifications and disables animations), hide the desktop and more. The app has a built in video downloader which can be used for downloading videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

It even has a cleaner app, which can be used to clean browser data and other unwanted files from your Mac, to recover storage space. The recorder tool allows you to capture screenshots, record videos using your screen as the source, or directly record content from your camera along with a microphone for sound. It can be used to record audio separately.

If you wish to compress large files for sharing or uploading to a cloud storage, you can use the file archiver tool in Parallels Desktop, for compressing the files in various formats. Likewise, it also allows you to extract files from archives.

If you are a fan of animated GIFs, and want to use them in your IM apps, you will be pleased to know that Parallel’s Toolbox has an animated GIF creation tool, which can be used to create your own GIFs. All you have to do is convert a videos using the app, which will let you save the clip as a GIF. The toolbox has a video converter, which allows you to convert videos into formats which are supported on iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad.

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