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Parallels Desktop for Mac is the app you need if you are looking to run Windows on your Mac. One of the most common problems when people try to use Windows on a Mac, is not OS related, but depends on the needs of the user. Use code 31C-R1U-CPZ at checkout.

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Had you been running Windows in Bootcamp, you may be familiar with this issue. Having to reboot to macOS for using a Mac app, and back to use a Windows program is a waste of time, and thanks to Parallels Desktop this is no longer an issue. This virtual machine app, allows you to run Windows apps and macOS apps alongside each other, like they were part of the same OS.

Linux user? You can install Ubuntu on your Mac too. And running Windows programs in maCOS is as easy as clicking on a shortcut. You can open applications from your macOS Dock, or the Windows Applications folder in the doc, Launchpad, or even searching for an app using Spotlight or the Start Menu in the Windows VM.

Parallels Desktop is capable of supporting up to 32 virtual CPUs and up to 128 GB vRAM can be used for a single virtual machine. So, all of your apps and games will run at their best, you won’t even notice that the app is running inside a virtual machine.

Parallels Toolbox comprising of over 30 utilities, is included as part of the package, for free, in Parallels Desktop. These have various uses such as capturing screenshots, recording video or audio, downloading videos from streaming services, etc.

You can use your Mac’s hardware with Windows, including the Retina display, thunderbolt port, etc for the best experience. Parallels Desktop lets you use Windows 10 specific features such as Cortana, Task View, and even Microsoft Edge on your Mac. Similarly you can use MacOS’ features simultaneously with Windows apps.

Have a MacBook Pro? You can assign your Window app shortcuts, to the Touch bar for quick access.

Running a virtual machine doesn’t get simpler than this, and Parallels Desktop has been optimized to a great deal, for the best performance.