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Sometimes it is not easy to find the right app, even if you have it installed on your computer. You need the right app, at the right time. What do you do? Instead of placing icons all over the dock, you can Let us tell you what you need, Parallels Toolbox for Mac.

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Toolbox for WindowsWhy is the app awesome? Let’s see. Parallels Toolbox can be accessed from the macOS menu bar, which means that you can access it instantly, regardless of which screen you are on, even when you are using other apps. 

Clicking on the toolbox icon displays a pop-out panel, which lists each and every tool in Parallels Toolbox. 

There are three sections in the panel: Favorites & Recent, Library, and Tips and Tricks. 

Favorites & Recent: 

This panel lists all of your recently used tools, and favorite tools which you add, for quick access. You can right-click on any tool in the library and add it to your favorites. 

There are 22 tools in the Library. Each one has a different function. 


This tool allows you compress files in to an archive, or to open an archive. Most tools in Parallels Toolbox open up in the same pop-up window as the archiver. It is a small pop-up window, on which you can perform some actions. 

You can either drag and drop files from Finder on to the interface of the archiver window, or you can click in the window, and open an archive. You can lock archives with a password to prevent unauthorized access. 

The unarchiver works similarly, and can be used for extracting files from archives. You can use it for opening the following archive formats:7z, RAR, RPM, XAR, and Z.   

Parallels Toolbox for Mac Coupon Code


There are three camera tools in Parallels Toolbox. The Block tool, prevents other apps from accessing your Mac’s camera. The Take photo tool allows you to take a picture with your camera, while the Take Video tool allows you to record a video using the camera. 

Record Screens:   

There are three recording options in the Toolbox, the first of which is the Record Area option which can be used for only recording a selected portion of your screen, say for example for a YouTube video.  

If you want to the entire screen’s content, you can choose the Record Screen option, which is useful, when you want to capture a full-screen app or game for your channel. The Record Window option allows you to capture only the content from a chosen app’s window. 

Take Screenshots:  

If you need a screenshot of a single app’s window, you can use the Capture Window tool, or if you want to capture the entire screen the Capture Screen tool is the one to go with. You can also use the Capture Area, to draw a rectangle on your screen, and take a screenshot of the content inside the box. 


You can set an alarm on your Mac, or clock the time for something using the Stopwatch tools. There is a timer option, which can be used like a temporary alarm, and likewise a Date Countdown tool, which can remind you on a date and time that you select, like say your birthday, or wedding anniversary, etc. 


This tool disables all wireless network services on your Mac, with a single-click of the mouse. 

Clean Drive: 

This tool allows you to reclaim your storage space, by deleting junk files from your Mac. 

Convert Video: 

This utility allows you to convert videos into formats which are playable on your iPhone or iPad, or other mobile phones and tablet devices, in either 720p HD or 1080p Full HD video resolutions. 

Do not Disturb: 

This tool blocks all notifications in macOS, so you can work, or watch a movie, or play a game without any distractions. 

Do Not Sleep:   

This tool can be used to keep your Mac awake, and prevents the system from dimming the display. 

Download Video:  

You can download videos from websites, by pasting the URL in this tool’s window. It also allows you to choose the resolution you want to download the video in: 360p, 720p, 1080p, etc. 

Eject Volumes:  

This tool disables all USB drives which you have connected to your Mac, so you can unplug them, to be used with other devices. 

Find Duplicates: 

This tool can scan your computer for duplicate copies of your files, and delete them to recover storage space. 

Hide Desktop: 

You can hide the icons on your Mac’s desktop screen, so you can take a screenshot or record a video, without having to share the on-screen content with others. 


This tool lets you open any file by launching any files which you drag on to the window. 

Lock Screen: 

You can lock the Mac in a click, to prevent unauthorized usage of the system. 

Make GIF: 

Want to make a cool animated GIF? You can do so in a few seconds, using this tool. All you need is a video to create the GIF from. 

Mute Microphone: 

This tool prevents your Mac’s microphone from being used by apps, without your permission. 

Presentation Mode: 

This mode can be used to prevent all distractions, when you are running a presentation at the workplace, after all you don’t want some notifications popping up when you are in a meeting. 

Record Audio: 

This option allows you to record audio from your Mac’s microphone, or using the built-in audio,  

Switch Resolution: 

You can change the display resolution of your Mac using this tool. 

All of these tools are incredibly useful in the fact, that you can use them with just a couple of clicks. And these save you a lot of time, which would have otherwise been wasted had you been accessing the applications folder, or searching the dock for the app you need. 

You can try Parallels Toolbox for free for a week, before you decide on buying the premium version of the app. Buy Parallels Toolbox for Mac at the best price, and save with our exclusive discount code.