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If productivity means a lot to you, if you want to get things done quickly, you are at the right place. We use a lot of applications everyday, for various needs. But what if you had them all in one place, a collection of programs in a single package. That’s what Parallels Toolbox is all about.

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Parallels Toolbox comprises of a bunch of tools, hence the name, which can be used for your day-to-day computer usage, work, multimedia needs, and even for creating videos.  

Parallels Toolbox can be accessed from the system tray of Windows. Clicking on the icon opens the interface of Parallels Desktop. The GUI is kind of a sidebar, which has a lot of icons. Each of these icons are for a shortcut function which will run, with a single click of the mouse.  

There are 14 shortcuts in the Parallels Toolbox library.  You can also access the same functions from the Start Menu.   


The Archiver can be used for packing a lot of files, by compressing them into an archive, or to extract files from an archive.  

Clicking the archiver option opens a small pop-up window, which you can use to add files to the archive. You can either click inside the window, or drag and drop files and folders. The files which you added are displayed on the same pane. You can click on the archive button to create a new ZIP file, which has the files you selected in it. You can use the “protect with password” option to encrypt all new archives with a password. Similarly you can use the unarchiver, to open archives too. The formats which the application supports are: 7z, RAR, RPM, XAR, and Z.  There are no complex menus or settings to configure here, which is exactly what you need to be highly productive.  

Parallels Toolbox Coupon Code


You can use the Camera utilities in Parallels Toolbox to Block access to programs which may try to use your computer’s camera. You can also take a photo or record a video using the web camera.  


You can record the content on your screen, to make a video for your YouTube channel or Twitch, to record your gameplay, or to create a tutorial video. There is a record application option, which can be used to capture the content from a specific application.  

You can capture the entire content of your screen, or select only a specific area on the screen, like say for example an area on your desktop. Screenshot:  

Parallels Toolbox also allows you to take screenshots in the same way as the recorder, i.e., a screenshot of the full screen, or only that of the application’s window, or a selected area, which you can save.  

Convert Video:  

The convert video option works similar to the archiver, in that you can add files and folders by using the pop-up window, or by dragging the files to the window, for conversion. You can use this to convert videos to another format, which is supported on your mobile phone, tablet, etc. You can choose between 720p HD, and 1080p Full HD video resolutions, for converting the videos.  

Do Not Disturb:  

This option, as the name suggests lets you work or play games without being distracted by notifications from Windows.  

Do Not Sleep:  

This mode prevents your PC from sleeping, or the computer’s display from dimming. This maybe useful when you are reading an eBook or something.  

Download Video: 

This tool can be used to download videos, and to do this, you just have to copy and paste the URL address of the video which you want to download. The video resolutions can be set from 360p, 720p, 1080p, to the maximum one available 

Eject Volumes: 

This option can be used to safely remove all USB devices, which you have plugged in to the computer, with a single click of the mouse. 

Hide Desktop: 

This application can be used to hide the content on your desktop, including all the icons, folders, and files, with one-click, and you can restore the icons with a second click. This option is especially useful, in case you want to record a video of your desktop, without displaying the icons to your audience. 


This is the application and file launcher, which can be used to open the corresponding program associated with the file, which you have selected. 

Lock Screen: 

This tool prevents unauthorized access to your computer, by locking the screen the moment you use it. To re-login, you can use your regular Windows user password. 

Mute Microphone: 

This tool blocks your microphone from being used by unauthorized applications. Click once to mute the mic, and a second time to un-mute the audio. This may also come in handy, when you want to record a video without recording the audio. 

Record Audio: 

You can use this tool to record tool, to use your PC’s microphone, to record your voice or music from an external source. There is also an option, to use the built-in audio source (your sound card), which you can use to record audio from your movies, music, games, etc., any sound which is playing through the computer’s on-board audio. 

The Tips and Tricks section displays useful tips for using Parallels Toolbox, so you can use it to learn more about the features of each tool. 

The Favorites and recents section lists all your most used tools and the most recent tools in Parallels Toolbox, so you don’t have to mouse over the library to access the same. You can right-click on a favorite tool to remove a tool from the panel. 

Similarly, you can also right-click on the library to add any tool to the recents panel, or to add a shortcut to the Windows taskbar, which allows you to run the tool without opening the Parallels Toolbox panel. 

Try Parallels Toolbox for free for 7 days, and use the program before going premium. Buy Parallels Toolbox at the best price, and save with our exclusive discount code.