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If you ever lose the password to a protected file or Web portal, you don’t have to give up hope yet. Thanks to Passware Kit Basic, you can access them in an instant, regardless of whether you remember the passwords partially or have no clue about any of them — the application uses a range of password cracking techniques that range from simple dictionary attacks to strong brute-force attacks. In addition, Passware Kit Basic provides comprehensive support when it comes to resetting Windows administrator passwords, as well as searching for protected content on connected storage devices.

Intuitive User Interface

Passware Kit Basic features a simple and intuitive user interface that fits right alongside native Windows applets. The Home screen features available options under four separate sections labeled Recover File Password, Find Encrypted Files, Internet & Network, and Reset Windows Administrator Password. The Recover File Password section contains your standard password recovery toolset, which includes wizard-based, predefined, and advanced approaches to recovering passwords.

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Find Encrypted Files, on the other hand, provides you with the tools required to search for encrypted and password-protected files on your computer, while Internet & Network lets you recover passwords for emails accounts, network connections, and Web portals. Finally, Reset Windows Administrator Password lets you reset administrator passwords with the use of USB thumb drives and CD-ROMs.

Recovering Passwords

With access to Passware Kits various password cracking tools, you can access protected files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote-based formats, etc. — in an instant. The application features three techniques, namely Run Wizard, Use Predefined Settings, and Advanced: Customized Settings. The Run Wizard feature is ideal for instances where you remember at least some information about the password for faster recovery times — part of the password, the password length, language used in the password, etc.

If you don’t remember anything about the password, the Use Predefined Settings lets you deploy various default attacks recommended by the developers of Passware Basic Kit, while the Advanced: Customized Settings option makes it ideal for advanced users to manually determine what type of attacks to use — Decryptum, SureZip, Brute-force, Dictionary, Xieve, etc.

Web-based Password Recovery

In addition to the various password recovery tools available to access protected files, Passware Kit Basic also features numerous options when you want to take your efforts online. The application separates all available Web-based password recovery options under three separate sections — Email Passwords, Internet Passwords, and Network Passwords.

Email Passwords contain everything you need to crack open the passwords of Microsoft Outlook accounts, Outlook data files (PSTs), and Outlook Express accounts. Simply select the Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express account on your workgroup, or a password-protected PST file, and either let Passware Kit Basic do the job for you automatically or manually determine the type of attacks required to acquire your lost password.

On the other hand, Internet Passwords gives you the tools required to crack open the passwords for Web portals, which can range from simple webmail accounts to secure banking websites — enter the login portal URL and user name to start cracking the password. When it comes to recovering the passwords of local network connections or remote desktops, Passware Kit Basic already has those features included under the Network Passwords section.

Searching for Encrypted Files

If you have numerous encrypted files on your local storage devices that are troublesome to find, Passware Kit Basic already has that covered for you with its own search featurette. By using various parameters, you can search for encrypted and password-protected files either on the entire hard drive or just select partitions. The application also lets you skip scanning slower file types and system folders for faster search results.

Windows Administrator Resets

Ever lost access to the administrator account on your Windows workstation? If so, you won’t need to perform a fresh installation to regain access to your computer, thanks to Passware Kit Basic, which gives you all the tools needed to reset your Windows Administrator password. The application requires that you create a bootable Windows reset disc using the Windows installation media or ISO image — if you don’t have a blank disc at your disposal, you can instead use a USB flash drive for the purpose.

Once your Windows reset disc or USB flash drive is ready, you can simply boot into the media, select your Windows installation, specify your administrator account, and Passware Kit Basic automatically resets your Windows administrator account — you can also perform this task for multiple administrator accounts simultaneously.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of password recovering features bundled into Passware Kit Basic is simply unparalleled. While the application doesn’t support enough file formats when compared to the Standard or Forensic versions of Passware Kit, the application still brings enough to the table when you want to recover a protected Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document in a hurry. Not just that, but password recovery support for Web-based portals is simply worth the price of admission alone, where you can recover passwords for your favorite site in an instant without having to go through arduous verification procedures. Passware Kit Basic wraps things up with full functionality when it comes to resetting Windows Administrator passwords, making it an awesome package worth every penny.