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Are you a business owner or IT administrator who deals with password-protected and encrypted content on a regular basis? If so, then Passware Kit Business should fit you perfectly, where you can spend less time recovering lost passwords and more time focusing on work. With the uncanny ability to recover the passwords of over 250+ file types, and featuring some of the fastest decryption and password recovery algorithms currently available today, Passware Kit Business makes it a breeze to access protected content. Additional features such as full disk encryption support, batch file processing, and live memory analysis make it a must-have application for any business or organization.

Intuitive User Interface

For an application renowned for its superior password recovery and decryption capabilities, the user interface presented instantly puts you at ease. The application separates available features under six sections — Recover File Password, Find Encrypted Files, Full Disk Encryption, Memory Analysis, Internet & Network, and System & Registry. With Recover File Password, you can use either manual or automatic techniques to recover lost passwords. Find Encryption Files, on the other hand, lets you search for encrypted content on storage devices instantly, while Full Disk Encryption lets you decrypt entire hard drives encrypted with BitLocker, TrueCrypt, PGP, etc. When it comes to extracting passwords from memory images and registry files, you have the Memory Analysis and System & Registry features ready and waiting, while Internet & Network lets you focus on recovering passwords online.

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Accessing Protected Files

Passware Kit Business features multiple ways that you can use to tackle password-protected files and folders. If you remember the password to a protected item even partially, you can opt for a wizard-based approach that lets you input certain information — dictionary words, non-dictionary words, password language, etc. — for faster password recovery times. On the other hand, Passware Kit Business also lets you perform standard attacks using predefined settings in instances where you have no clue about the password to a file. Advanced users can even manually determine the type of attacks required to recover passwords — Dictionary, Brute-Force, Decryptum, etc. A new feature bundled into the application is batch processing, where you can add multiple files and process them in batches to save tons of time.

Recovering Passwords Online

In addition to giving you the ability to access protected files, Passware Kit Business also features tools that you can use to recover passwords online. Simply input the URL to a Web portal, and you can start using a variety of attacks just as you would do when recovering the passwords of files offline. When it comes to recovering the passwords to Outlook and Outlook Express email accounts, Passware Kit Business features dedicated support just for that — support also extends to secure Outlook data files (PSTs).  The application also features complete support when it comes to network connections, where you can simply select existing networks and start using automatic or manual attacks to recover lost passwords. The Business version even features dedicated support when it comes to recovering remote desktop passwords.

Decrypting Hard Drives

Passware Kit Business features an unprecedented level of support when it comes to a core functionality of business — dealing with encrypted hard drive volumes. With the ability to decrypt hard drives regardless of the types of encryption cyphers used — BitLocker, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, Apple DMG, PGP, etc. — you can either start extracting encryption keys from memory images or use traditional brute-force attacks to access the volumes. The application features wizard-based approaches for each type of encryption cypher, as well as a variety of additional options that you can use to customize your recovery efforts. For example, the TrueCrypt recovery wizard features the option to recover passwords from either outer or inner partitions, the VeraCrypt wizard lets you assign instant decryption attacks, etc.

Memory and Registry Extraction

Passware Kit Business isn’t just limited to using recovery attacks to acquire passwords to protected files and websites. In fact, it features an unprecedented level of support when it comes to retrieving passwords and encryption keys off live images — memory images and Windows hibernation files. Thanks to a dedicated feature called Live Memory Analysis, you can start analyzing the memory.bin and hiberfile.sys files created by the operating system, and start retrieving all sorts of passwords to protected files and websites. Further, the application also features full-on support when it comes to recovering passwords off the operating system’s registry, where you scan registry hives for passwords to Windows accounts, email accounts, websites, and network connections.

Should I Buy It?

If you are a business owner or an IT administrator, Passware Kit Business is a tool that you simply can’t do without. Thanks to an unprecedented level of support when it comes to recovering the passwords to encrypted files and folders, as well as multiple options when you want to take things online, Passware Kit Business lets you have more time to focus on your work and less time worrying about losing or forgetting passwords. Not just that, but the level of support when it comes to decrypting hard drives is amazing, where you can instantly access encrypted volumes regardless of the type of encryption cypher used. Password retrievals off live memory images and system registries further bolster Passware Kit Business to insurmountable heights, making it possibly the finest password recovery program currently available.