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If you thought that Passware Kit Forensic was just another password recovery application with support for more file formats — compared to the Basic and Standard versions of Passware Kit — then you were just plain wrong. Blazing fast speeds thanks to 64-bit processing, analytical tools for advanced decryption procedures, batch processing for faster password recovery times, support for various encryption protocols for instant disk image decryption, etc., differentiates Passware Kit Forensic from the various cookie-cutter password recovery applications available for download. Whether you are an individual simply looking to recover a password or a forensic technician out to decrypt evidence, Passware Kit Forensic has got you covered in almost every way.

How It Works

Passware Kit Forensics’ super-intuitive user interface separates all available features into labeled sections, along with detailed descriptions on what each option does — Recover File Password, Find Encrypted Files, Full Disk Encryption, Memory Analysis, Mobile & Cloud Forensics, Internet & Network, and System & Registry. With the Recover File Password, Internet & Network, and System & Registry features, you can start recovering the passwords of files, Outlook emails accounts, and Web-portals, while features such as Memory Analysis, Full Disk Encryption, and Mobile & Cloud Forensics focus more on the analytical, decryption, and mobile aspects bundled into the application. When it comes to searching for encrypted content on storage devices, Passware Kit Forensic lets you do that with Find Encrypted Files.

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Password Recovery

Passware Kit Forensic makes it easy to get back lost passwords of over 280+ file formats — simply put, you can recover the passwords to nearly any file format that you come across. With access to three separate modules — Run Wizard, Use Predefined Settings, and Advanced Customize Settings – you can recover passwords any way that you see fit. Run Wizard provides a wizard-based approach to password recovery, where you can add certain parts that you remember about a password for faster recovery times. On the other hand, Use Predefined Settings lets you perform standard attacks as recommended by the application, while Advanced Customize Settings allows for a more advanced approach where you can manually determine upon the attacks that you can use — Decryptum, Dictionary, Brute-Force, Xieve, etc.

Internet Passwords

If you ever forget the password to your favorite site, you can skip lengthy verification procedures and just use Passware Kit Forensic to get it back. Recovering passwords to Web-portals is as simple as inserting a URL and using any of the large number of attacks available at your disposal to crack it open. Passware Kit Forensic also features a plethora of separate options when it comes to recovering the passwords to Outlook and Outlook Express accounts. If you ever lose the password to a network connection or remote desktop, the application also has that covered.

Decryption Support

A useful feature for any forensic expert is decrypting hard drives for evidence, and Passware Kit Forensic features unprecedented support for that. Regardless of the type of encryption cypher used — BitLocker, VeraCrypt, File Vault, Apple Disk, etc. — you can use dedicated approaches to unlock content either via encryption keys from memory images or though standard brute-force attacks. You can basically select the type of encryption used in the hard drive, and the application automatically runs a wizard-based recovery procedure tailored to the encryption cypher used — you can also perform this task on virtual hard drives.

Live Memory Analysis

Passware Kit Forensics’ Live Memory Analysis feature is quite unprecedented, where you can recover encryption keys from live memory images and acquire data from cloud-based storages. As a forensic expert, you can instantly scan incriminating computers for the memory.bin and hiberfile.sys files — provided that the computer’s not turned off — and perform live analysis for all sorts of encryption keys. The application also extends support to Macs in addition to Windows PCs, where you can also acquire iCloud tokens and use that to download data from related iCloud accounts.

Mobile Forensics

Passware Kit Forensic just wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t support mobile devices, and thankfully, it does. You can, for example, recover passwords from mobile operating system backup files and images such as iOS, Android, and Windows phones. The application features dedicated wizard-based approaches depending on the mobile device that you select for a completely customizable recovery procedure. In addition, Passware Kit Forensic also features support whenever you want to acquire iPhone or iPad data from Apple iCloud — the application also includes complete access to password extraction and iCloud token retrievals via memory analysis in instances where you don’t have the necessary credentials to sign in to iCloud.

Should I Buy It?

If there’s a password recovery application that fits everyone from all walks of life, be it a normal individual, a business owner, an IT administrator, or a private investigator, it’s Passware Kit Forensic. From simple password recovery for up to 280+ file formats, decryption support for various encryption cyphers, to advanced live memory analysis, Passware Kit Forensic is the de facto application for all your needs. Not just that, but password recovery options for mobile backups and an unprecedented level of support for online password recovery make Passware Kit Forensic a truly versatile application to use. Customizable wizard-based approaches combined with a super-intuitive user interface make Passware Kit Forensic suitable for both new and advanced users.