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Have you ever lost access to the password of an encrypted document? Unable to find a protected file from the dozens of others present on a hard drive? Want a complete reset of a lost administrator account without reinstalling Windows? If so, then Passware Kit Standard should fit you perfectly. With the uncanny ability to recover passwords using a variety of attacks — Dictionary, Xieve, Decryptum, etc. — you can get your passwords back in no time. In addition, the application’s password recovering abilities extend to Web-based portals as well as administrator accounts, and if you ever need to find protected items on storage devices, Passware Kit Standard’s also got that covered.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface highly reminiscent of native Windows applets, almost anyone can start using Passware Kit Standard and have their files recovered. The Home screen features four separate categories. The first, Recover File Password, gives you an array of password recovery options, which include both a wizard-based and predefined approach to password recovery, as well as a more manual approach for advanced users. Secondly, Find Encrypted Files lets you find encrypted items using an array of search parameters, while the third option, Internet & Network, gives you access to multiple recovery options when it comes to recovering Web-based passwords. The fourth and final option, Reset Windows Administrator Password, lets you instantly reset administrator passwords via bootable media.

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Recovering Passwords

According to the developers, Passware Kit Standard supports well over 80+ types of file formats — Microsoft Office and OpenOffice document formats, compressed archives (ZIP, RAR, EXE, etc.), PDF files, VBA projects, etc. The application features three separate methods that you can use to recover lost passwords, namely Run Wizard, User Predefined Settings, and Advanced Customize Settings. With Run Wizard, Passware Kit Standard walks you through the entire process, provided that you know at least some part of your forgotten password. User Defined Settings, on the other hand, automatically analyzes your file and provides recommendations on the type of attacks that you should use, while Advanced Customize Settings sports a more advanced approach to manually determine what should be done.

Accessing Web-Portals

If you were wondering about lost passwords online, Passware Kit Standard already has that covered for you — in fact, it features even more options when recovering passwords online. You can, for example, regain access to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express accounts as well as Outlook data files (PSTs), where the application features options built-in for that exact purpose. In addition, Passware Kit Standard also features the tools required to access the passwords of almost any Web portal that you come across — by using a range of attacks that include Brute-Force, Dictionary, Xieve, etc., you can go back to your favorite site in no time, especially if you want to avoid lengthy verification procedures when resetting passwords normally. Network connection and remote desktop passwords are also covered.

Searching Encrypted Items

Do you have a lot of password-protected or encrypted documents on your hard drive? Want to find a single file out of the tons of encrypted items present? Multiple protected files making it tough to search for the file that you want? If so, then Passware Kit Standard should take care of those issues in an instant. By featuring its own search module, the application lets you find the item that you want via various search criteria. You can, for example, scan a single partition, multiple partitions, select folders, etc., for encrypted items. If you find the search process to be too slow, you can specify the application to skip scanning certain slower file types — MS SQL, ACT! 3.0, ACT! 2007, MYOB, etc. — and system folders for overall faster results.

Administrative Access

Ever lose access to an administrator account and thought you were done for? No longer, if you have Passware Kit Standard. Thanks to a wizard-based approach, from bootable media creation to account resetting, Passware Kit Standard lets you gain access to any administrator account in an instant. The application gives you the option to create a bootable CD or USB flash drive using your Windows installation disc/ISO image — you can also choose to manually add SCSI/RAID drivers if you so wish. After creating the bootable media, simply boot into it, and specify the administrator account that you want to reset and Passware Kit Standard should that for you automatically. If you want to reset the passwords of multiple administrator accounts simultaneously, you can do that as well.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of features that come bundled into Passware Kit Standard is simply astounding. No longer do you have to keep on worrying about losing passwords to protected files or secure websites, since Passware Kit Standard should take care of that for you in no time. In addition to featuring the ability to automatically recover passwords either via wizard-based approaches or predefined settings, the application also lets you have complete control over any aspect of the recovery procedure. Bring in to the table a full-fledged search engine to find any protected files that you are looking for, combine that with full-on functionality to recover Windows administrator accounts, and you have one of the finest password-recovery applications currently available.