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Pinnacle Studio Coupon Code

So, you want to make your videos perfect, before sharing them on Facebook, or YouTube? You need a good video editor software for this.  And Corel’s Pinnacle Studio, might just be what you are looking for. Here’s why. 

Pinnacle Studio is user friendly, so you don’t need any prior experience with video editors to work with it. And Corel has made a ton of training videos and resources, to help users understand how to use Pinnacle Studio. 

To begin working with Pinnacle Studio, you are going to need a video to edit. Use the importer, to either select video files which you have on your computer or to use a video capture device, such as a camera, to record a video. 

Before we get started, let us tell you that you are going to need a good computer, as in a system with a good processor and video card for using Pinnacle Studio, but this is basically true for any video editor. We tested Pinnacle Studio on a system with a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 7500 CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti GPU. And we are happy to report that the program ran flawlessly, even when we were multi-tasking with other programs running in the background. 

Pinnacle Studio has a nice dark colored theme for its interface. The GUI is divided into 4 panes.  The first pane, is the library pane, and has a navbar on the side, which appears when you hover the cursor (you can pin it). This side panel, allows you to view and access your Projects, Collections, Effects, Transitions, Sound Effects, Titles, Montages and Templates, Sound Stage, Triple Scoop Music, Muserk Sound Effects and Disc Menus. 

For starters, click on the Projects menu, to create a new project bin (folder), where your media will be stored for editing. You can quickly add your media to the bin, by right-clicking on the projects pane and selecting quick-import. Or you could open Windows File Explorer and drag and drop the content to the Pinnacle Studio GUI. The library pane will then list all the media which you have added, and display the thumbnail for the content, along with their file names. 

Pinnacle Studio Coupon Code

Select one of the videos, and you will see a preview of it on the right pane. Don’t forget, you can add photos to Pinnacle Studio’s library and make Montages. 

The preview window on the right, can be used to view the source and timeline preview side by side, and can be moved anywhere within the program. The bar above the timeline, can be used for navigating through the timeline with a mouse click and drag gesture, while clicking and dragging on the bottom of the timeline changes the zoom view of the previews in the timeline. 

Say for example, you want to create a slideshow, there is a very fast way to do this, using the SmartMovie tool. 

Pick the photos you want to include, and just drag them to the timeline pane which appears below. Go back to the navbar, and pick an audio track, aka some music, and drag it to the timeline (2nd bar). Now, select the preview option, and you can see what the slideshow will look like in the built-in video player. That’s it, a cool slideshow video, with 2 or 3 clicks of the mouse. See how easy it was? 

To rearrange the photos, simply drag them to the place you want. Let’s try adding some customization effects to the video. Click on the edit button, and you will see some options in the timeline. These are the A/V (audio video) track. Once you have added enough clips to the A/V tracks which you wanted, you will need to make some edits to improve the video’s presentation.  

To adjust the length of a clip, drag it on the timeline. You can also add  transition effects to these, simply by dragging them away from the previous photo or video. Right click on each photo or video, and you will see a context menu, which lets you pan and zoom, adjust the scaling, rotation, add or remove transitions, adjust the duration, etc. 

For photos or clips which have similar reference points (elements like a river, sea, mountain, etc), you can use the morph transition editor and select the elements in one clip to blend with another. This will make the transition from the first clip to the other look more stylish. 

You can also split a video easily by marking the location on the time line, and then clicking the split clip tool above the timeline bar. The Disc Editor can be used to export the video to MyDVD, which you can then use to burn the movie to a DVD. You can add media on top of another media in the timeline, and then double-click on the preview to adjust its size. This way, you can have two photos or clips displayed, in a Picture-in-picture mode. To add more effects to a video, you can use the right-click menu. You can select from various presets in pan and zoom, to make a static image and give it an animated look. 

You can add titles to your videos, using the navbar. Simply select a title design from one of the presets, drag it to the timeline, and then double-click on it to open the editor and edit it. You can also create your own titles, and 3-D titles from the presets.  To add effects to your video, you can either use the navbar, or if you want more controls. Select the Editor tab in the left pane, pick one from 2D-3D, Camera, Color, Keyers, Artistic, etc and then you will be able to adjust each and every parameter for the effect from the text, range, color, position, rotation, size, shadow, cropping, border, etc. 

To produce your video, you can use the export option to save the video to your computer, or to a Blu-Ray or DVD disc, and select one of the available formats and presets such as AVCHD, DVD (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R or DVD+RW, dual layer) disc formats or video, audio and image formats like DV, HDV, AVI, DivX, WMV, MPEG-1/-2/-4, Flash, 3GP, WAV, MP2, MP3, MP4, H.264, DivX Plus MKV, JPEG, TIF, TGA, BMP. Pinnacle Studio comes with about 500MB of Standard Content and nearly 2GB of Bonus Content to help you get started, and these are optional downloads, of course.  

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