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If you want to turn photos into videos easily, Pinnacle Studio is the software you are looking for.

Just pick the photos or videos that you want to be included in the video, to add them in your media library in the program. You can use the built-in media previewer in Pinnacle Studio, to play the videos, or view the photos, before you begin editing the video.

Once you have decided which files you need, just drag and drop them on to the media timeline on the bottom of the interface. You can add soundtracks to be mixed in to the video in the same way.

Rearranging the content in the timeline, is simple as clicking on a video or photo and dragging it to the left or right to another media. You can trim the length of the audio or video files in the timeline, by clicking and dragging on the edge of the media too.

You can create a movie just by adding the photos which you want, and using the Smart Movie option.

That’s right Pinnacle Studio can do the job for you by selecting the settings, transitions, and other effects. It doesn’t get easier than this.  That doesn’t mean you do not have control over the process. You can absolutely edit the video yourself.

For a much more comprehensive editing, you can use the built-in Editor in Pinnacle Studio. You can add several audio tracks and up to 6 video tracks (from cameras) can be used as the source. There are several video templates to choose from, if you want to create a movie quickly. You can edit the movies audio properties, video color, straighten the picture, add transitions, effects, use motion tracking, add and edit 3d titles, etc. You can even record the screen content from your computer using the application, and use it as the video source.

Pinnacle Studio supports exporting movies in latest formats like HEVC H.265, Dolby digital formats, and more such as AVI, DivX, DivX Plus, H.264 MKV, MP4, MPEG-1/-2/-4, Flash, 3GP, etc. Videos that you create can be burnt to DVDs, or uploaded directly to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr.

The application is suitable for all users, regardless of their technical experience.