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Editing videos can be simple, when you use the right tool. We went with Pinnacle Studio, to make things easy, and Corel’s video editor impresses. Use coupon 15PINNSAVE at checkout.

Not only can you add videos which you have on the PC, you can even record videos directly, by plugging a camera or a mobile phone, to the computer. And you can create photo montages too, which means you can make a movie out of your vacation photo album. In addition to all these modes, you can also use the application to record the screen, for making gaming or tutorial videos.

The interface of Pinnacle Studio is very user friendly thanks to the neat design. The library pane is where you import your videos and photos to, the preview pane is used to view the selected media, and the timeline panel can be used to add the media which your video contains.

You can drag and drop videos from the library to the timeline, and rearrange the content with the mouse. Want to add some music or effects to the video? Click on the sidebar on the left, and drop the content from. If you are in a hurry to create a video, the Smart Movie feature in Pinnacle Studio is a real blessing. When you click this, the program will use your media selection, and add some effects, and create a movie within a few seconds.

To edit the video manually, you can use the editor pane, which houses many options. In fact, there are over 1500 effects, transitions, templates, etc that you can use for creating and editing a video. You can also add a title to your video, cut unwanted portions away, add effects, adjust the brightness, color, etc.

The videos that you edited can be exported in to many popular formats such as H.265 (HEVC) AVI, DivX, DivX Plus, H.264, MKV, MP4, MPEG, etc. So, you can play the movies on other devices.

You can save the edited videos on to DVDs, or use Pinnacle Studio, to directly upload the content on to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Vimeo, without even having to open the browser on your PC.