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Over the years, Piriform’s CCleaner product series has consistently been among the best PC clean-up utilities available. With CCleaner Professional, you receive real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, and automatic updates, in addition to the system optimization and privacy protection features present in CCleaner’s free version. If you are looking for a faster computer with fewer errors and crashes, CCleaner Professional gives you the tools required to do the job.

User Interface

The CCleaner Professional user interface separates all available features into labeled side-tabs — Cleaner, Registry, Tools, Options, and Upgrade. Under Cleaner, you find basic file removal options for both third-party and built-in Windows applications. Registry, on the hand, lets you scan and fix issues related to the system registry. CCleaner Professional’s built-in program remover, disk analyzer, drive wiper, etc., are listed under Tools, while Options lists all available program settings, cookie management information, monitoring tools, etc. Finally, Upgrade doesn’t provide you with anything other than the option to upgrade to alternate forms of the application such as Professional Plus.

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File Removal

CCleaner Professional intelligently scans your operating system and certain installed applications for unnecessary, or “junk,” files — Web caches, thumbnail caches, temporary system files, memory dumps, etc. Detected items can be removed instantly to free up storage space. When it comes down to finding unwanted items on your hard drive, you can choose to use the Disk Analyzer tool to analyze exactly what type of files that take up the most space on your hard drive — Pictures, Music, Documents, Email, etc. — where you can then determine what needs to be removed manually. In addition, you can use the Duplicate Finder tool to detect and remove duplicate files from your computer.

Registry Cleaning

Quite possibly the single most important feature included within, CCleaner Professional allows you to scan your entire system registry for issues, and then fix them to improve the stability of the operating system. The application lets you choose from among various known issues — missing shared DLLs, unused file extensions, obsolete software, etc. — before scanning so that you can find the exact type of broken registry entries that you want fixed. CCleaner Professional automatically backs up the entire system registry before fixing so that you have a registry backup at hand in case things go wrong.

Program Removal

Windows operating systems do a poor job removing applications without leaving behind various types of leftover items — registry entries, files, folders, etc. You can, however, use CCleaner Professional’s own program removal tool to completely uninstall applications without leaving behind any leftover items. Not just that, but you can also uninstall certain applications that aren’t removable by normal means — adware, corrupted applications, broken uninstallers, etc.

Improving Startup Speeds

While deleting unnecessary files and fixing broken registry entries do improve overall system efficiency, CCleaner Professional also gives you the option to directly impact the boot speed of your computer. With the built-in Startup panel, you can disable unwanted applications from kicking up in the background automatically, which can result in a significant speed boost to the operating system at startup while also freeing up valuable memory that could be better used by other applications. In addition, CCleaner Professional also allows you to directly manage scheduled tasks so that you can disable those that adversely affect your computer.

Real-Time Monitoring

CCleaner Professional includes an extremely convenient feature in the form of real-rime monitoring, where you can configure a number of settings to keep both the operating system and all installed Web browsers running optimally at all times. On the operating system-side of the things, you can configure CCleaner Professional to perform an automatic sweep of unnecessary files once they reach a certain threshold in terms of size — for example, one gigabyte. If you aren’t comfortable letting the application remove the files for you, you can instead choose to receive notifications to perform the action yourself. When it comes down to Web browsers, you can either configure CCleaner Professional to automatically remove all browsing data or prompt you to do it yourself at the end of each browsing session — clearing cookies and temporary Internet files regularly ensure that you preserve your privacy.

Other Options

The PC clean-up utility features numerous options that let you configure how the application works. For example, you can configure CCleaner Professional to only delete items from the Recycle Bin after 24 hours passes, specify the application to shut down the computer after finishing lengthy clean-up sessions, or instruct it to perform “secure” file clean-ups to prevent data recovery. The application also includes a whitelist and a blacklist where you can add files and folders that you want or do not want scanned. In addition, the Professional version includes automatic updates so that you have the latest version running on your computer at all times.

Should I Buy It?

While Piriform does provide with a “free” version of CCleaner, opting for the Professional version gives you access to numerous advantageous features. With the ability to securely clean unnecessary files, schedule automatic clean-up sessions, fix registry entries, and improve system load times, CCleaner Professional ensures that your computer stays optimized at all times even with no involvement on your part. Not just that, but the application’s browsing data removal and cookie management features double it up as a convenient privacy management tool to have on your computer.

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