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With CCleaner Professional Plus, Piriform’s featured clean-up utility doesn’t just stop at removing unnecessary files and programs from your PC. In addition to the Professional version of CCleaner, you also receive three more applications in the form of Speccy Professional, Recuva Professional, and Defraggler Professional. Whether it’s fixing registry entries, checking out hardware specifications, recovering deleted files, or defragmenting hard drives, CCleaner Professional Plus serves as the ultimate 4-in-1 product bundle for that exact purpose.

In a Nutshell

CCleaner Professional Plus combines the Professional versions of CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler, and Speccy into one neat package. As the featured application within the suite, CCleaner Professional lets you remove unnecessary files, fix broken registry entries, schedule automatic clean-up sessions, etc. Recuva Professional, on the other hand, allows recovery of deleted files from almost any type of media — hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, etc. With Defraggler Professional, you can defragment files, folders, and hard drives to significantly improve hard drive performance. When it comes down to acquiring in-depth hardware information regarding your PC, you have Speccy Professional ready and waiting.

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CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional focuses mainly on removing certain “junk” files to free up storage space and increase overall system efficiency. The application has the ability to automatically detect and remove outdated files created by both the operating system and certain third-party applications — temporary system files, log files, Web caches, etc. It also gives you the option to scan your hard drive for duplicate content and analyze certain file types — photos, music, videos, etc. — to determine whether they take up too much space.

One of CCleaner Professional’s most important features lies in its ability to completely clean-up your PC’s system registry. The application detects various registry-related issues, repairs broken registry entries, and removes obsolete values to ensure the stability of the operating system. It also gives you the option to prevent registry-related issues from happening in the first place — since Windows’ built-in uninstaller leaves behind many registry entries, CCleaner Professional features its own uninstaller that completely remove applications without leaving behind left-over items.

Not just that, but CCleaner Professional also includes numerous other system optimization and privacy management features — manage startup items to improve boot speeds, scheduled clean-up sessions to automatically remove unnecessary system files and browsing history, disable installed browser extensions when troubleshooting for browser-related issues, etc. The application also gives you the option to perform “secure” clean-ups to prevent file recovery, and also includes a nifty tool — Drive Wiper — that permanently erases data on hard drive partitions.

Recuva Professional

As the second application included with the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle, Recuva Professional brings to the table the ability to completely recover files from almost any storage device — the Professional version provides extended support to virtual hard drives as well. The application’s super-intuitive user interface lets you select the exact type of file that you want recovered — pictures, music, documents, emails, etc. — where you can then specify the destination that needs to be scanned. The application also features a “deep scan” mode where it thoroughly scours storage devices for severely corrupted or buried items. In addition to its file recovery capabilities, Recuva Professional also includes military-grade secure overwrite features that you can use to permanently erase files from hard drives.

Defraggler Professional

Defraggler Professional allows for a significantly faster and more accurate attempt at creating contiguous individual files over the native Windows defragmenter. The application also features a proactive solution in the form defragmenting free space instead of used space, which serves as a convenient way to prevent file fragmentation from happening in the first place. Defraggler Professional lets you save valuable time by giving you complete control over the exact drive, file, or folder that you want to defragment. With the additional ability to schedule defragmentation sessions, you can have Defraggler Professional up and running automatically even when you aren’t at your computer.

Speccy Professional

With Speccy Professional, you can instantly get up-to-date information on your operating system and all hardware components running inside your computer — CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, storage devices, etc. The application gives you in-depth information regarding each and every device so that you can make informed decisions either when upgrading to newer hardware components or updating device drivers. For convenient sharing, Speccy Professional lets you take snapshots of detected hardware information, or export them to XML and text-based file formats.

Should I Get It?

While CCleaner’s Professional version takes care of all your file-cleaning, system optimization, and privacy management requirements, choosing the Professional Plus version instead does help in creating a more optimized and efficient desktop environment. Defraggler’s defragmenting capabilities, Recuva’s file recovery features, combined with Speccy’s in-depth hardware information acquiring features make CCleaner Professional Plus one of the best PC management suites available for any circumstance. Further, you get incredible value for money, especially when compared to the prices that you would have to pay for the applications individually.

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