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It’s a well-known fact that Windows’ native disk defragmenter does a poor job at optimizing hard drives — further, it’s notoriously slow to use. Piriform’s solution to disk defragmenting lies in Defraggler Professional, a light-weight utility that excels at creating contiguous files using advanced hard drive analysis and read/write techniques. Unlike the native disk defragmenter, Defraggler Professional gives you total control over the exact file, folder, or partition that you want defragmented.

How Defraggler Professional Works

When removing files, Windows operating systems are configured to just overwrite deleted directories with newer files instead of wiping them out completely. Over time, larger files written over multiple deleted items become spread out into smaller fragments that may result in poor hard drive performance. Defraggler Professional brings together each fragment and creates individual contiguous files that significantly improves system performance since the hard drive doesn’t have to seek out individual fragments whenever you access a file. The utility’s deep compatibility with all Windows file systems ensure that your files are never damaged when re-writing data.

Defraggler Professional User Interface

Defraggler Professional’s user interface clearly displays available features in neatly separated sections. All available hard drive partitions are listed at the top of the window, while a drive map directly below clearly shows fragmented and non-fragmented disk space for each partition in visual format. To the bottom of the window, you can find several tabs — Drive, File List, Search, Drive Map, Health, and Statistics — that display various defragmentation options, additional hard drive information, file search features, and drive map configuration options.

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Using Defraggler Professional

With Defraggler Professional, you can either defragment entire hard drives or select partitions. Before starting, you can choose to analyze the drive or partition for performance, fragmentation, and disk health. The built-in drive map clearly shows you the levels of fragmentation — low occupancy or full fragmentation — empty disk space, and reserved MFT space. Since the drive map displays storage space in terms of blocks, you can directly click on a block to view the list of files that occupy it along with detailed fragmentation levels for each item. Defraggler Professional offers two levels of disk defragmentation — Quick Defrag for a faster, but incomplete process, or Full Defrag for a thorough, yet longer process.

In addition to defragmenting hard drives and disk partitions, Defraggler Professional gives you the option to defrag individual files and folders — ideal for constantly updating items such as Outlook’s PST files –thereby saving valuable time instead of having to defragment entire partitions regularly. The application lets you defrag individual files either by clicking on fragmented blocks on the drive map, or through manual file search. Upon installation, you can also choose to add context menu options to Windows’ File Explorer so that you can defragment individual files and folders directly without opening Defraggler Professional.

Instead of defragmenting files and folders, Defraggler Professional also allows you to prevent fragmentation from happening in the first place by combining all free space on your hard drive. While defragmenting free space does result in faster hard drive writing performance, it may, however, further reduce read speeds since file fragments are simply moved around even more during the combining process.

Scheduling Defragmentation Sessions

Defraggler Professional lets you avoid lengthy defragmentation sessions by scheduling them to occur when you aren’t at your PC — you can also configure sessions to recur at specific times daily, weekly, monthly, or even at computer startup. For these sessions, you are provided with additional settings that allow you to determine exactly how you want the application defragment your hard drive — for example, you can select between quick, normal, or free space defragmentation, and instruct the application to shut down or log off your computer after defragmenting.

Defragment Wherever You Go

When traveling, you can choose to run Defraggler Professional directly from a USB flash drive. By copying the installation files to a flash drive, you can have Defraggler Professional up and running wherever you go, and defragment the hard drives on any PC that you want. All modifications to the application are saved directly to the flash drive, so you don’t have to worry about installing it on other PCs.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the defragmentation capabilities that you get, Defraggler Professional supports automatic updates — updates are installed as soon as they become available so that you always have the latest version on your PC at all times. Further, you also receive premium customer support, where you can contact the Piriform support team for any troubleshooting issues that you may come across while defragmenting hard drives.

Should I Buy It?

Defraggler Professional serves as the perfect alternative to Windows’ native disk defragmenter, thanks largely to its super-intuitive user interface, disk analyzing features, multiple defragmentation modes, and scheduled defrag sessions. If you are a budding computer technician, Defraggler Professional doubles up as your mobile assistant due to its compatibility with USB flash drives. Complete with automatic updates and premium customer support, Defraggler Professional provides you with much needed hard drive optimization features and incredible value for money.

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