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If you forget to run CCleaner after browsing the internet, you may be aware of the security risks, of having browser cookies, which may contain malware, or can be hijacked by malware, resulting in your identity being stolen.

That is not an issue, when you have CCleaner Professional installed on the system. Why? Because the program will delete your browsing data for you, on its own. You don’t even have to run the application, as it runs in the background constantly monitoring your PC, and optimizing its performance. The same can be said about keeping the program up to date.

Is your computer taking ages to start? The problem is, many applications may be running on boot. You can use CCleaner Professional to disable the auto-run programs to reduce it takes for the time to start Windows. The program can also run the main cleaning process, which CCleaner is famous for, to delete the temporary files in Windows to free up the storage space on the PC.

Recuva Pro is the only tool you will need, if you want to recover deleted data, even those which you may have deleted by using the shift and delete command. You are not limited to using Recuva with your PC’s hard drive, as you can also use the application to recover data from your memory card, USB flash drives, portable hard disks, etc, even those which are damaged or which you formatted recently.  Alternatively, you can use the program’s file shredder to delete data thus ensuring the files are never recoverable.

Defraggler Pro is another way to speed up the performance of your PC, by defragmenting the storage on your hard drive. The important thing is Defraggler works on SSDs, as well as on traditional HDDs. Regardless of whether they use the FAT32 ior NTFS File System. And just like CCleaner Pro, Defraggler Pro comes with a task scheduler, to run the defragging process at a set time, everyday, week or month.

Speccy Pro is the final software included in CCleaner Pro Plus, but serves a different purpose. You can use the tool, to learn more about every part in your PC,  such as their make, model, and their real-time  statistics.