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As one of Piriform’s outstanding PC-management products, Recuva Professional provides an unprecedented level of support for all your file recovery requirements. With the ability to intelligently scan file indexes and reconstruct missing entries, Recuva Professional completely recovers deleted items from a range of supported storage devices. Whether it’s recovering important documents from a hard drive, restoring deleted messages on desktop email clients, or securely deleting items to prevent file recovery, Recuva Professional’s super-intuitive features let you do it.

How It Works

Windows operating systems use a Master File Tablet, or MFT, to index the locations of all files and folders present on your hard drive. Once you delete an item, Windows just marks the file as deleted in the Master File Tablet since its faster than deleting the file outright. With Recuva Professional, you can reconstruct the missing entry on the Master File Tablet and completely recover the file provided that it hasn’t already been overwritten by a newer file. While Recuva Professional does an excellent job at file recovery, your chances improve the sooner you start scanning for deleted items.


By default, Recuva Professional starts in Wizard-mode, where the application holds your hand through all stage of file recovery. You are prompted to select the exact type of file that you want recovered — Music, Videos, Documents, etc. — and the location that needs scanning. Detected items can be recovered immediately — items that are overwritten by newer files, however, are flagged as “Unrecoverable.” When recovering files, you can specify the destination that you want to save them to, which ideally should be to a completely different location from the scanned directory so that deleted files don’t get overwritten.

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Advanced Mode

Alternately, you can switch to Recuva Professional’s advanced user interface, where you can find several advanced options such as the ability to search within shadow copies of hard drive partitions for missing files — Windows operating systems create snapshots, or backups, of partitions called Shadow Copies. In addition, you can choose to insert the file name and file path to filter out multiple deleted items. Further, the application features several options that let you identify detected items — a preview pane for images, file info such as size on disk, time created, time accessed, etc., and file header information.

Additional Features

Recuva Professional features several additional options that let you tweak the behavior of the application. For example, you can choose to turn on “deep scanning” to detect buried items, restore files with folder structures when saving to different partitions, and add context menu options to the Windows File Explorer for instant scanning. In addition to recovering files, the application also lets you securely remove all traces of deleted items using state-of-art file overwriting techniques — for instances where you don’t want anyone recovering sensitive information.

Recuva Professional On-the-Go

Due to Recuva Professional’s compatibility with USB flash drives, you can take the application wherever you go to and start recovering files instantly. By copying the contents of the application’s installation directory to a flash drive, you can have Recuva Professional up and running directly from the USB port of any PC or laptop. Recuva Professional doesn’t require installation when running through a flash drive, and saves all changes made into a specially designated INI file on the flash drive itself.

Supported Files and Storage Devices

Recuva Professional supports recovery of any file format, be it photos, videos, music, documents, etc., from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS-formatted storage drives. In addition, the application recovers media from Apple’s iPod, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle devices when connected to a PC via USB. Further, Recuva Professional supports recovering messages deleted through desktop-based email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Mail.

Professional Version Benefits

Opting for Recuva’s Professional version brings to the table a number of benefits. For example, you receive extended file recovery support to virtual hard drives created using VM software such as VirtualBox and VMware, or through Windows’ own Disk Management utility. In addition, you receive the latest updates automatically as soon as they become available, thereby ensuring that your Recuva Professional installation supports the latest file types and runs without any issues at all times. Plus, you receive around-the-clock dedicated support from Piriform’s technical team for any questions or troubleshooting issues that you might have.

Should I Get It?

Recuva Professional’s advanced file recovery techniques, deep scan features, coupled with support for almost any file type make it one of the best recovery applications currently available. Its compatibility with a wide range of storage devices, be it virtual hard drives, memory cards, or USB flash drives, make it suitable for almost any instance. Not just that, but the application’s Wizard-mode and advanced user interface make both novice and advanced users alike feel right at home. Piriform features a completely free version of Recuva — albeit with certain limitations — that you can try out before taking the plunge.

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