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Speccy Professional, Piriform’s featured PC analytical tool, provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to getting detailed information on anything hardware-related. Not just that, but Speccy Professional also offers in-depth information about the operating system and available network features. Whether it’s finding out the model number of your motherboard, checking out temperatures on crucial components for issues, or sharing that information with others, Speccy Professional lets you do it.

Using Speccy Professional

Speccy Professional’s light, yet user-friendly interface gives you access to all information related to your computer’s operating system, connected hardware components, and available networks features. The first time that you start up Speccy Professional, the application scans your entire PC and presents detected information through labeled tabs to the left-side of the window. You can use the Summary side-tab to get a brief summary about your PC — operating system, microprocessor, system memory, motherboard, graphics card, storage devices, optical drives, and audio devices.

To get in-depth information, you can just click any of the related side-tabs — Operating System, CPU, RAM, Peripherals, Network, etc. In case you were wondering, Speccy Professional doesn’t just rehash information taken from Windows’ System Information utility. Looking at the CPU, for example, you can get info on just about anything that you want — number of cores, available threads, build technology, model family, core speed, bus speed, data cache size, unified data cache size, core multiplier, and more. Further, the application also makes use of the temperature sensors on your CPU, motherboard, storage device, and graphics card to provide temperature readings in the form of live graphs.

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Storing and Sharing Information

Speccy Professional provides you with multiple options that you can use to save or share information about your PC. With its Snapshot feature, Speccy Professional lets you take snapshots of your system at any given time, where you can then either publish them online, or save the snapshots to your hard drive so that you can track differences about your PC over time. Alternately, you can export information about the entire system to XML or text-based file formats so that you can, for example, keep them for later review or email them out to other people. The application also provides a “Print” function that you can use to take instant printouts of select hardware components.

USB Portability

By tweaking the Speccy Professional configuration settings, you can modify the application to save changes to a designated INI file instead of your PC’s system registry — while this does result in a much cleaner registry, it also doubles up the application as a portable installation. For example, you can copy the installation files inside Speccy Professional onto a USB flash drive and take it with you wherever you go, where you can then detect hardware information on any PC by running the application directly from the flash drive itself.

Additional Benefits

Piriform publishes regular updates that fix known bugs while also adding critical information to Speccy Professional’s hardware database. With its Automatic Updates feature, Speccy Professional updates itself automatically so that you have the best version of the application running at all times while also providing the most accurate hardware information. In addition, you also receive access to premium customer support, where you can contact Piriform’s technical support team at any time for questions or troubleshooting issues that you may have about the application or your PC.

Should I Get It?

Unlike Windows’ System Information utility, Speccy Professional’s detailed analytical features ensure that you don’t miss out even on the most minor of details when looking to make informed decisions on upgrading or troubleshooting hardware components. With its convenient information sharing features, compatibility with USB devices, and support for automatic updates, Speccy Professional serves as the ideal solution for all your hardware information requirements.

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