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PremiumPress Classifieds Theme Coupon Code

If you are looking for a way to run an advertising website, a good way to do so, is by running a classifieds website. Think about it, your own version of Yellow Pages or Craigslist, that is pretty interesting, right?

In fact, you could even make money from advertisers, who pay you for posting their ads on your websites. That’s got to be a pretty complicated task though, designing and coding a website like that.

Not when you can install a simple theme on your WordPress based website, which can do the work for you. That is just what you can do with the PremiumPress Classifieds Theme.

Installation of the theme requires a single click, and it can also download sample data and settings to get your website ready to go.

You can customize your website by changing the design, layout, colors, the text styling and of course the content too. The PremiumPress Classifieds Theme comes with a ton of free child themes, over 50 to be precise, which you can switch to depending on which design you like for your website.

The PremiumPress Classifieds Theme has a lot of advanced tools in the administration area. You can use it to create your own child themes, and set up the theme by customizing the registration forms. You can also set up custom fields for the forms, and for the listings which your advertising clientele will need to use for posting their ads.

The theme comes with an advanced search tool, which can be used by your customers to find the content they need on your website. So, if your website allows users to sell used products, games etc, buyers will be able to search for a specific product, like a phone model or something, and find it with ease.

Now, if you decide your website will allow users to post ads on it for free, that is well and good, you can do that, no problem. But if you decide that it will be a premium website, i.e., you want to charge users a fee to post their listings on your website, you will be happy to learn that it is possible too.

You can even set up listing packages to allow users to post different types of listings, for which you can charge them various prices. This includes supports for recurring payment plans, using which users will be able to pay automatically to keep their listing active. This may be useful for users who offer services permanently. You can use the theme’s settings to put in place some upgrade systems for listings to include special features such as highlighted listings or featured ads, Google Maps, or to make a listing appear at the top of the category.

The PremiumPress Classifieds Theme has options to set up membership plans for yout website, so you can set up a system where members can pay for listings space and access to the website’s premium section, in a single package deal. Say for example, this could allow users to post multiple listings, and even read and send private messages to people who enquire about their products and services.

The theme can be used for making a restricted section where premium content such as downloads, videos, or even a blog can be accessed by different levels of membership. If members want to sell a number of products, they will need to post multiple listings, and you can configure how many listings a membership plan will entitle them to.

The PremiumPress Classifieds theme allows you create sidebars with widgets, which can be placed on any page on your website. This can be used to select which ad will appear on which page, and of course this means your users can pay to have their listing appear on such widgets. We are talking about sell space of course, which can greatly boost the business of a listed ad’s owners.

PremiumPress Classifieds Theme Coupon Code

The theme offers built in support for PayPal and 20 payment gateways using which your users can get paid. The PremiumPress Classifieds Theme offers responsive website designs, which means your website will scale to fit the display of any website on which it is used, be it a large screen monitor or a handheld mobile device. This also helps it to rank higher among search engine results.

You can use any WordPress plugin you want with the theme, with no compatibility issues. Besides support for a user account system, you can also employ the built in visitor ratings and comments sytems to ensure that people who buy products from listings can share their feedback about the product or the seller, to help other buyers.

This will go well with the thumbnail previews of products listed on the various pages, along with the name of the product, and other information such as when the listing was posted, the price which the seller will charge for the product, etc. You can also create custom areas such as categories, new arrivals, most popular products, most viewed sections to promote listings, and to help users find content more easily.

Buying the theme once allows you the right to use it on as many websites you own. And you get the source code of every one of the themes which are available, so you can customize it as you like, or even get assistance from PremiumPress Technicians, should you run into any hurdles..

Want to cater to a multi-lingual Country or multiple Countries? Don’t worry about the language barrier, because the theme supports .po language files for easy translations.

You can view some live demo websites of the PremiumPress Classifieds Themes, to see the various child themes and get a general idea of what your website could look like, before you even buy the theme.

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