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PremiumPress Directory Theme Coupon Code

Do you want to build a website discovery portal? It is a great way to help people find good websites belonging to a specific genre. For example, people may be looking for restaurants, or online car dealers, ways to book repair services, and various websites. You could even run a membership directory.

The important thing here is that you can even earn revenue from websites, which want to be listed on your portal. But how does such a directory network work? It must surely involve a lot of investment, and a great deal of backend work, such as coding the elements and the design of your website. If your website is based on the WordPress platform, you are in luck.

That’s because all these issues become non-existant, when a simple theme which when installed, can actually build a website for you with no special skills. And that’s why we recommend the The PremiumPress Directory Theme.

You can create your own classifieds directory of websites, with a single click of the mouse. How cool is that? That is not all that theme can do, it has a ton of other features.

What we liked most about the PremiumPress Directory Theme, is that it has a responsive design. This means it will make your website mobile friendly, as well as look great on virtually any device it is viewed on. Visitors using desktop browsers will see the actual website, while smartphone users will be able to browse the mobile site scaled to fit their screen size and resolution. This is very important for SEO, as websites with responsive designs are ranked as good in search engine results. PremiumPress uses CSS bootstrap technology to make this possible, so you have the latest coding at your disposal.

Now, don’t misunderstand the word Directory Theme, for a single theme. Think of it more as a license for a set of themes. Why? Because you will get over 20 child themes for free with the Directory Theme. This not only grants you plenty of options to choose from, but allows you to change to any theme with a simple click of the mouse. By the way, if you do not like the design of the default themes, you can customize every aspect of the theme, to the one you actually want.This level of customization also extends to the text, color, and the general elements of the website.

PremiumPress Directory Theme Coupon Code

There is a member area, and an admin pages section, for normal visitors and listing owners, to access the website, and interact with it. Each listing on your web directory has its own contact form, using which visitors can contact the listing’s owner for more information if they want to. And the listing owners in turn will be able to view the message, and reply back, from the users section. The admin area will also enable users to edit the listings which they posted, or add new ones.

The theme offers Google Maps support for GEO location, using which your directory will only show the relevant content first, corresponding to the visitors location. This can be especially useful for directories which help people find shops, hotels, and other such content. It even has a feature which allows maps to be displayed in search results, and also on the listing pages, which enables users to narrow down on their search.

You can also include highlighted listings, aka featured listings, which authors can pay for to promote their listing. You can set up your website to display photos of each listing, along with their name, and a rating system which can be used by users to review the listing’s quality.

The theme supports .po language files, which provides for a very easy way to support language translations, which in turn means your website can be of service to a global audience.

There are footer and header areas on the webpage, which you can use for displaying your website’s policies or rules, or any content which you want to. There are built-in social networking icons, which can be used as web shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, RSS Feeds etc, which can be used for promoting your web directory’s social network accounts.

Similarly you can add sidebars, and also use the header area to include your contact information, or contact pages, link to special pages such as a blog, the My Account area, shortcut to the home page, categories, or options to change the region.

As we mentioned earlier in this review, you can use the PremiumPress Directory Theme, to create a premium directory, which will allow website owners to pay a fee to be featured on your web directory. You could also charge a membership fee for users, on a monthly basis, to gain access to the directory. If this is the intended usage, you may be looking to set up a recurring fee plan. And this is easily achieved, thankt to the theme’s support for over 20 payment gateways, which includes the most popular digital payment platform, PayPal. You could also use the theme to host free web directories too, if you want to.

PremiumPress assures that you will get technical support and all updates for the theme. This includes any future child themes which they release.

If you wish to see how the theme works, please feel free to check out the online live demos of the PremiumPress Directory Theme, before you decide to buy the theme using the discount we offer. Once you buy the theme, you can use it on every website which you own.

And to be honest, we found that installing the theme is the easiest way to get a directory website up and running with minimal effort. That is without a doubt, the number one feature of the theme.

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