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PremiumPress Real Estate Theme Coupon Code

Are you running a real estate business? Or are you a real estate agent? Or do you plan on launching a real estate business start up? The first thing you need to do, is to make sure you have an online presence.

Gone are the days when word of mouth or newspaper ads or flyers, were the best modes of advertising. Everything is digital these days because, well we are living in a digitized world of smartphones, laptops and computers. People are looking at online methods for their everyday needs and communication. This is not restricted to online shopping or banking.

People who want to buy a home or an office or looking to rent a place, also take to the internet, to find their dream house or workplace. This means, you as a real estate agent or business too can use the same mode to attract them towards your service. And this can be achieved with your own real estate website.

WordPress is without a doubt the best platform to host your website on, but the free themes available for the same, are often not quite there. Fortunately we have a solution for you, thanks to the PremiumPress Real Estate Theme.

What does this theme have to offer?

The PremiumPress Real Estate Theme is SEO friendly, because it uses the latest HTML standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks, which will allow your website to fit on any device’s screen in the correct resolution. For example, when a buyer is using a mobile phone to access the site, it will fit on the device’s display size perfectly, and when the same buyer moves to a PC web browser to access the website, it will load the site to the monitor’s display resolution, to deliver a perfect browsing experience.

And as you may be aware responsive websites are ranked higher in search results, so if you want your website to appear on the first page of Google or other websites, you can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about the design aspect with this theme.

If you are a group of real estate agents, or a company which employs some, you will be pleased to know that the theme offers a user account system, using which every agent can have a unique profile. This includes access to their own inboxes, where queries from buyers will land in to.

And where do these messages come from? Well, the theme has built-in options which can be used to add contact forms and messaging options, using which visitors can contact the agents about the real estate listings. The users can also login to check their own messages.

If you plan on making your real estate website a subscription based one, for e.g.: user memberships, or for listing packages, you can easily add a payment gateway to your website using the PremiumPress Real Estate Theme. In fact, the theme supports PayPal and over 20 other payment methods, using which you can give users various options to pay for using your services.

The PremiumPress Real Estate Theme has built Google Maps support, thanks to the new API from the Mountain View Company. This Maps integration allows users to setup every listing with its accurate map location, which is displayed on the map.

The admin tools available in the theme grant you control over the setup of pages, search setup and more. So if you want to filter the search results by keywords, category, or region specific data such as State, Country, City, etc you can do that too. You can also alter every element of the theme to your liking, so feel free to change the text type, color, or use the on/off display options available from the admin section, to customize the website’s theme.

While setting up your website based on the PremiumPress Real Estate Theme, you can edit aspects of the design such as the navigation bar on the top of the website, to allow users to jump between various pages and options like the “My Account” page, or listings, offers, etc.

You can use the sidebars to advertise deals, or to feature important announcements, best listings, and other content. Real Estate listings need to have a picture of the house or plot being sold or rent, and you can add these with ease, and have them displayed in a gallery like view right on your homepage, so buyers can quickly find a place of their liking without even having to search through the site.

PremiumPress Real Estate Theme Coupon Code

You can add options to allow the user to contact you to arrange viewing of a house, or to consult you regarding a property which they wish to sell and more.

You can use as many plugins from the WordPress store, as you want to, and the PremiumPress Real Estate Theme will work with them without any issues. One of the biggest advantages in the PremiumPress Real Estate Theme, is that you do not need any technical skills regarding coding, because you can install it with a single click.

Just like all the other themes from PremiumPress, the Real Estate Theme also uses .po language files, which means it can be used for quick translations, thus enabling your website to be used on a global scale.

When you buy the PremiumPress Real Estate Theme, you also get a lot of child theme designs, absolutely for free. This allows you to use any of the themes when you want to. Also, buying the theme once entitles you to use it for all the websites which you own, and you will also get all of the updates for the themes for free.

Be sure to check out the free live demo of the PremiumPress Real Estate Theme, to see how your website can look like, before buying the theme.

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