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So, you have bought yourself a web domain, and some hosting space to run an online store. Kudos to that. But have you given some thought to the design of the website? It is very very important. In fact the better the design of your online store, the more sales you could get, which in turn means more profit.

Now, most people who aren’t comfortable with the basic themes of WordPress, go with a free theme to start with, and that is fine when you want to learn the basics of WordPress as a platform. But no free theme is good enough for any website. Why? Well, free themes are not always kept up to date or supported by their developers, because they don’t have to, since there is no obligation to do so. They also lack a lot of features which you will need too.

But, when you go for a premium theme, you don’t have to worry about such issues. More so, when the theme comes from the experienced developer such as PremiumPress.

We tested the PremiumPress Shopping Cart Theme, to see how it goes with an online store. And really, it was amazing.

One of the most important things which you need to ensure that your website is popular, not just among buyers, but also among Search Engines. What we are talking about is, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This includes support for responsive website design. You see, Google and other search engines rank websites higher in the search results, based on how good the website looks on multiple devices, such as computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.

To do this, you must use modern coding languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, which have responsive frameworks allowing the website to resize, or to be precise scale to fit the size of the display of the device’s screen. PremiumPress Shopping Cart Theme supports both, which saves you both time and energy, and also enables your website to rank well in search rankings.

As the name of the theme suggests, it has a built-in shopping cart, which can be used without installing any extra plugins. Using this your users can add items, which they wish to purchase from on your websites to.

Speaking of products, you have to assign the quantity value to the number of stocks you have. The PremiumPress Shopping Cart Theme has a simple stock management system which can be used for this, and in case a product goes out of stock it will be marked as such, or when a buyer wants to purchase multiple products of the same type, they can do so too.

Want to hold sales or issue discount codes to customers so they can save some money when they buy from your online store? You can use the PremiumPress Shopping Cart Theme to distribute your own coupon or discount codes, which buyers can use during the checkout process. Similarly you can use the theme with different websites like affiliate stores, or online voucher stores.

You can also setup tax options for your online store including support for regional or Country based flat rates, or taxes per product, which essentially cuts down the work for you. And you can use the shipping options for regional, weight-based shipping, free shipping, flat rate or Country based shipping options. And there are built-in options for the checkout, and payment gateways, using which your customers can transfer their money to your store, to authenticate the purchase. If you wish to sell products across Countries where multiple languages are spoken, you will be happy to know that the theme supports .po language files, for translating entire websites.

You can try the free live demo of the PremiumPress Shopping Cart Theme, to check out how it will look, before you buy the theme.

Every aspect of your online store is ready, with this theme. You can use it to create menus for categories of the products you will be selling on the store, place a searchbar for allowing buyers to find a product they want to purchase. A shopping cart icon with the total value of the cart is ready on the top-right corner of the web page.

You can use the theme to assign shortcuts to different pages on your website, for quick access to various content such as a contact us page, user account page, blog, etc,. Products on your online webstore can be listed and featured on the homepage or category pages, along with their price tag, and an add to cart button for a faster shopping experience. There is a user account system, which can be used by users, to create their own login credentials along with their address, payment options and other things which you need to process the purchase and deliver the product to the buyer.

To make your store even more attractive, or to promote popular or latest products, you can create banners or marquees advertising the products with ease. You can also add your store’s social network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., to promote engagement with your customers. You can create your own sidebars, header and footer areas, add your companies logo to your online store easily.

PremiumPress Shopping Cart Theme Coupon Code

You can use the license on as many websites you own, for just a one time fee. Dpn’t like what you see? There are a lot of customization options available with the child-themes which you can use for free, with new designs every month. Or you can also change the entire layout to create your own design.

When you purchase the Shopping Cart Theme, you are not only guaranteed the theme, but you also get all of its future updates for free. And you get support from the developer should you run into issues. And that’s not all. You calso get over 20 extra child themes for free. How cool is that?

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