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PremiumPress Video Theme Coupon Code

Did you know that YouTube was launched nearly 12 years ago? In just over a decade the service has grown to host millions of videos, and is now home to thousands of uploaders, most of whom depend on the platform for their revenue.

What if you could do the same? Or what if you could start a video sharing website of your own? That is way too cooler than being a vlogger, right? Naturally, you will need the proper resources for doing so.

But the major hurdle is to actually build the website, with a neat design. No video sharing website was built in a day, it took them ages to evolve in to a decent format, which is not only pretty in terms of aesthetics, but is also functionally quite solid.

Don’t let that deter you, because there is an easy way to get your own video sharing website up and running with a single click of the mouse. What, how is this even possible?

That can be credited to the PremiumPress Video Theme. All you have to do is install it on your WordPress website, and ta da, your video website is ready. You will want to customize it before publishing it, of course.

But think about the possibilities. You can create your own video website, and host free videos for your viewers. Want to make money by hosting a premium video service? Like say for example, a paid video tutorial website, which includes membership plans for access to premium training videos. That is absolutely possible with the PremiumPress Video Theme.

The theme has several payment gateways, so your site members can choose the payment mode they want to from over 20 different options. PayPal is also among the supported options, and you can also set up various listing packages, and membership tiers as per your plans.

A lot of people are using their smartphones as their computers, but you don’t need to worry about making an app to allow them to use your website. Because, the PremiumPress Video Theme, comes in a responsive design. This allows the website to load to fit the size of the mobile device accurately, and works in a similar way on desktop monitors. So, regardless of the device which the user has, your website will scale perfectly on the screen for the best viewing experience possible.

And search engines rank websites with responsive designs higher, than those which are not mobile friendly. With the latest HTML markup support, this theme offers an incredible value in terms of SEO as well.

You aren’t limited to a single theme, with the Video Theme. You have many child themes, which can be used for free. So, if you don’t like one theme, switch to another. Still don’t like the theme’s layout? Go ahead and customize the design, the text, the colors, basically there are no limitations when it comes to the things you can modify in the theme, from the powerful admin area. That’s what we call user friendliness.

Now, coming to the membership details on your website. You will need to allow users to upload videos, right? That’s the very core of a video sharing website, you gotta let them share their Let’s Play, Unboxing, Review, Cooking, DIY videos, etc. This will help them build an audience too.

For this, the theme has a user account system, where you can setup packages allowing the user to upload free or paid videos.

Sometimes users from other sharing websites may want to sign up on your website, to host their content there, or even migrate to your website entirely. The PremiumPress Video theme has a video importer plugin, which allows you to import videos from Vimeo and YouTube to your site easily.

If you wish to have a paywall for your videos, i.e., if you want to allow users to watch preview videos before they are asked to subscribe to watch the rest of the video, you can do that too. You can set up how long the video will run for, in terms of seconds, before the payment option is displayed.

If you want to host multiple video websites, for example, each site could be dedicated for specific purposes. Like one site could be a tutorial or training video website, another could be a music video website, or a gaming website, talkshows, news, really you are only limited by your imagination. You can use the PremiumPress VideoTheme on all of your websites, as long as you are the owner of the website, for a one-time fee. That’s right, pay once and use it on all your websites for free.

You can set up your website to allow the user to search for videos, with controls over the keywords or categories. You can also set up minimum price and maximum price filters, so visitors can search for videos, which will fit their budget. There are options to allow users to subscribe to newsletters too, should you want to send email notifications.

For example, you can set your website like this. You can display the total number of users, or videos on the website, display your logo, on the header area. The footer area can be customized with your own text. On pages, including the homepage, you can set the layout to display new or popular videos, along with the thumbnail preview image, the name of the video, its category, the number of views, likes and comments it has, along with the month and year when the video was uploaded.

PremiumPress Video Theme Coupon Code

The theme is compatible with all popular WordPress plugins, so you don’t have to skip your favorite plugins. The theme uses .po language files for translating the text of your website quickly, and easily.

And just like the other themes from PremiumPress, you can try the online demo of the Video theme for free, before buying it.

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