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PremiumPress VIP Club Coupon Code

If you want to start your own WordPress website, but do not have the technical skills to design your website, don’t worry. PremiumPress is here to help, and just by installing one of the themes from the company, you can get your website to look like a professional one, in a single click of the mouse.

But before that, what kind of website do you want to build? It doesn’t really matter as we have a special deal which will give you access to all of the company’s themes in a single bundle. Say hello to the PremiumPress VIP Collection Pack

The PremiumPress VIP Collection Pack includes themes for the following types of websites:

  • Auction
  • Car Dealer
  • Classifieds
  • Coupon Code
  • Dating
  • Downloads
  • Directory
  • Job Board
  • Micro Jobs
  • Price Comparison
  • Real Estate
  • Shop
  • Video

PremiumPress Auction theme:

The Auction theme is best suited for websites which will be holding online auctions, using which people can sell or bid for products. It includes support for buy now like eBay, and has an auto bidding system which will enable users to place their highest bid. You can allow sellers to set shipping costs too. And you can also earn some money from sellers using the house commission percentage for each auction, and manage your website’s own terms and conditions. The re-listing option allows sellers to re-list their items which did not sell in a previous auction.

There is a user system which includes trust and feedback options, which allows buyers to leave their feedback to help other buyers see how trustworthy the sellers are. And there is a built-in private messaging system using which buyers and sellers can communicate with each other. You can even set up a pay wall to limit access to this via premium membership packages.

Likewise you can set up listing packages to limit how many listings a seller can create, and options to include a Google Maps in the listing, or even charge them for highlighted listings, categories etc.

PremiumPress Car Dealer Theme:

This theme allows car dealers to run their dealership business online, and also help buyers to find their perfect car. You can also allow car owners to sell their cars through your website. Besides support for Google Maps, it has an advanced search tool using which a visitor can search your car classifieds website to narrow down the results by location, or radius, or Country, State, City, Zip Code, etc. There are contact forms and messaging systems available, which allows visitors to contact your about your listings, or to send and read messages to your users. You can use PayPal or 20 other payment gateways, to allow buyers to send their money to you for their purchases.

PremiumPress VIP Club Coupon Code

PremiumPress Classifieds Theme:

This theme is similar to the car dealer theme, except sellers can list any prodictsor services here. Basically it is like Craigslist or Yellow Pages, which has a visitor rating and comments section. You can customize your website to your needs using the open source codes which the themes come with. You can set up free, paid listing packages, featured listings for earning revenue from sellers, and also enable recurring payments for monthly membership plans. You can also allow users to host videos, downloads or blog content, based on their membership tiers. Each listing can be charged for including sell space areas, so you can earn extra revenue.

PremiumPress Coupon Code Theme:

Want to host a website where you can help users save money with discount coupons? This theme is for you, and allows you to redirect users to online store pages with your affiliate links, It has a rating system for coupons, a related coupon section, and also has a user coupon submission system.

PremiumPress Dating Theme:

If you wish to help single people find the love of their life, this theme is an excellent way to do so. It has chatrooms, private messaging systems, online status indicators, an option to send gifts, profile pages, distance calcilator, like system and more.

PremiumPress Directory Theme:

This theme is the classifieds of websites, as in you can use it to promote websites, or help users discover websites. You can earn revenue for allowing users to list their websites on your directory. It can be a brilliant way to help users find stores, restaurants, and other places using advanced search options including location based filters.

PremiumPress Downloads Theme:

If you want your website to be the next big download portal, this is the theme for you. It allows you to host free and paid software and games on your website, by easily categorizing them in an efficient manner. There is a share to download option which publishers can use to promote their software via social networks. Want to host paid software on the website? You can do so by enabling visitors to send payments via PayPal and other options, so they can get a license for the software along with an order invoice which can stand as proof of their purchase. You can set up download counters, visitor tracking rating systems, and even charge publishers a fee for hosting their content on youir website.

PremiumPress Job Board Theme:

This is actually a software which can be installed on your WordPress website with ease. It is great for allowing companies to hire an employee, or people who are looking for a job to find what they need. Job seekers can upload their CV or Resume in CSV format using which employers can decide if the person is right for the job. If a job seeker or employer finds a listing of their liking, they can communicate using the built-in messaging syste, And similar to the other themes, the Job Board theme comes with geo location based search, and other advanced filters. It supports sitemap plugins, overview charts, has security plugins, and has buil-in options for managing the media, users, orders and invoices, subscribers, supports automated updating, and has over 20 payment gateways.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme:

This theme while similar to the one above, allows you to create a micro jobs website such as Fiverr & PeoplePerHour with a single click. Freelance bloggers, web designers, and other proffesionals can create listings which details about what services they can offer, along with the prices they will charge for their work.

It has a built-in workflow system, and supports up to 50 addons which users can customize. There is a private messaging and contact forms system to allow users to communicate with one another. You can earn a commission percentage for every micro job.

Users can use the visitor ratings, comments, feedback and trust rating bar, to know who is reliable and offers the best quality of work.

PremiumPress Price Comparison Theme:

People buy a lot of products online, be it digital or physical products. But the most important thing they look for when shopping online, is how to save money. And to help such users, you can create a price comparison website with this WordPress theme, to see which store or website offers the product for the lowest price.

The price comparison charts are automated using feeds which you can import into the theme. You can bulk import feeds from XML CSV or specific product feeds. There are options to add store pages or stores, so visitors can find discounts and offers in an easy way.

PremiumPress Real Estate Theme:

As the name suggests, this theme is for real estate agents who want to showcase properties which are available for sale. You can allow users to search for homes or offices via location based search, and communicate with agents who have their own profile areas, using contact forms and messages. This is especially useful for people who want to book a house viewing before buying it, or even to help them sell a property.

PremiumPress Shop Theme:

Do you manufacture your own products, or run a store? Want to reach out to more buyers? Then going digital is the best way to ensure you get more sales. And this WordPress theme allows you to create an online store with ease. It has a built-in online store design, complete with a shopping cart and check out options, which will allow users to complete their purchases like they do on Amazon.

You can also use it for affiliate or voucher stores. The theme comes with support for VAT and Taxes which can be set per region, per product, flat rate tax and more. You can customize shipping rates, including free, flat rate, weight based, regional shipping options. There is a customizable coupon code or discount code system which you can use to give your customers an option to save some money when they buy from your store.

PremiumPress Video Theme:

This theme is ideal for starting a video training or tutorial website like Udemy, but can also be used for the next YouTube or Vimeo like video sharing website where visitors can watch videos for free. You can set up paid video sections, where users have to pay a subscription fee to access premium videos. There are options to set up payments for user memberships and listing packgers for uploaders and vloggers.

Making a video sharing website which has a thumbnail preview, ratings, likes and comments available on the homepage is a click away, thanks to this theme. Free preview videos, with a payment check to continue playing is possible, and the user account section allows users to upload their videos, or import their videos from YouTube and Vimeo. You can use it to configure your website to have different categories, filter search results using those or by keywords.

Overall, this VIP package offers a truly premium experience. Not only are themes easy to set up and highly customizable and SEO friendly, you can also serve a global audience thanks to the support for .po language files, which enables quick translations of your entire website. All themes from PremiumPress have the latest HTML and CSS markup technologies, which helps your website to be SEO friendly, and come with responsive designs which scales your website to fit the display size of the screen a user is accessing it from, be it a mobile phone or a computer. You can use the themes on as many websites which you own, with no extra payments.

And you will also get access to all future themes, which PremiumPress releases. along with plugins, and PSD Photoshop files. You get over 100 child themes for free in this package.The VIP club also entitles you to priority customer support, who will help you with your theme related issues. You can view the online demos of any of the themes for free, before buying the package.

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