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Whether you want to browse the internet without being tracked by ads, or if you wish to prevent websites and other users from knowing your real IP address, there literally is only one way to ensure that. By using a VPN. 

Many people often ask the question, which VPN should I use? While the general answers usually say to pick one depending on your usage, many users give a greater importance to their privacy. The most popular choice is Private Internet Access. 

When it comes to privacy, it is difficult to beat the likes of Private Internet Access. The company has a strict no-logs policy, which states that it does not store the activity or usage logs of any user on its servers. So, if a regulation or agency asks PIA to hand over the data of the users in that region, the company cannot, because there are no logs.  

Such privacy is rare these days, and it is even worse, when it comes to downloading from p2p (peer to peer) connections, aka torrents. Not all VPNs actually allow the user to download torrents. Either because they are too scared to answer to the authorities, or because they don’t have the resources. 

What else can it do? It’s a good thing you asked. Well, you may know how websites use your IP address, location information, to display the website in your regional language, currency, to store your preferences, etc? That’s not all that they do though, they serve ads, and these in turn, track you everywhere you go. It becomes an annoyance, and this is the reason why people tend to use some ad-blocking solution. 

But here’s the issue. Your IP address and location info, are still collected by the website, so your privacy is at risk. That’s not the case when you opt to use PIA to bypass these problems. 

Private Internet Access masks your IP address, so the websites which you visit do not know your actual IP, and instead think the VPN server’s IP as yours. This also prevents websites from knowing your real geo-location. It is privacy at a higher level, but with the amount of online ads and tracking which happens these days, it has become a necessity. 

Private Internet Access VPN is also a great solution, in many Countries where social networking websites are blocked. Want to listen to your favorite music or stream a video from a service, but you can’t because the service has not launched in your region? Private Internet Access can be used to access these services, no matter where you are located. 

Private Internet Access encrypt all internet traffic to and fro, i.e., the data sent from your computer, and the data which leaves it server, before they leave their source. This is done to ensure that nobody can snoop in to your network, or embed some malware in to your files when it is being uploaded or downloaded. This is called end-to-end encryption, and adds an extra layer of security to your connection. 

And to achieve this, PIA uses the Blowfish CBC encryption along with the OpenVPN protocol. If your device does not work with OpenVPN, you can use other options such as the IPSec/L2TP, PPTP and SOCKS5 protocols and still secure your network.  

Private Internet Access VPN uses a dual-firewall system, to protect your devices from network intrusion, and malware. This is possible thanks to a server-side firewall, and another one based on the Netfilter Project. 

An advantage of using such encrypted technology, is that it can be used to secure your device regardless of which network you are accessing. So, even if you are connected to a public wireless network, such as an open Wi-Fi available in libraries, cafes, coffee shops, airports, etc, you can continue to browse the internet without fear of being hacked, or malware infections.  

Private Internet Access is available across 5 platforms; as a desktop client for Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. All of the apps are easy to use, with a 3-step process to use the VPN. Open the app, login to your Private Internet Access account, and select which server you want to connect to. 

The applications have additional security features such as the DNS Leak and IPv6 Leak protection options, which can prevent browsers from leaking your real IP address, to websites. The Kill Switch option can be handy, in case you have an unstable network connection. The option will disable the internet on your device completely, when the connection to the VPN server breaks. 

Private Internet Access Coupon Code

Another useful option in the program, is the PIA MACE. It helps you by blocking all online ads, trackers and malware, before they can impact your computer. 

Private Internet Access has a ton of servers, the numbers of which are over 3200, and are located in 25 Countries around the world. You are free to choose any server to connect to. This is of great use, when you wish to access services which are not available in your Country, or to unblock websites which your ISP is filtering. 

You can use your Private Internet Access account, on up to 5 devices at the same time. There is no limitation regarding which device can connect to the VPN, so you can use your phone or tablet, along with your computer. Similarly, there is no limitation for the amount of data you can download, so you can download unlimited data without having to check how much you have used up so far, and worrying if the bandwidth limit will be reached. 

If you are in the market looking for a VPN which offers a lot of security, and takes user privacy very seriously, then you can safely rely on Private Internet Access VPN. 

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