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Want to access a streaming service? But, it is not available in your Country? What do you do? Most people would go for the obvious solution, look for an alternative. A smarter choice, would be to look for a workaround to access the service you wanted. How do you do that? 

Using a VPN of course. But the next question is which one to choose? There are a lot of reasons to do some research before getting a VPN. For example, what security does the VPN offer, and how are its privacy policies? 

When it comes to either, you cannot beat the likes of Private Internet Access. Here’s why. The company has a superb privacy policy, which clearly mentions that it does not store the logs of its user’s activity.  So, even if you download torrents, it is impossible to trace it back to you, because there are no logs for the activity. 

You may be familiar with how websites track your usage. Your Internet Service Provider, aka the ISP, assigns a unique IP (internet protocol) address for each connection. This IP address is used by your computer or mobile devices. to communicate with every website which you want to visit. 

It is the protocol using which the internet works basically, and it is this IP address, which can be traced back to you. One of the most common ways this method of tracking is employed is via online ads. When you browse the internet, your browser transmits data such as the type of browser you have, your operating system, and the IP address of your connection. Websites serve cookies to store data such as login information, your preferences for the website, etc. 

Unfortunately, most of your searches for products, services, medicines, etc, are used by online advertisers, and they share these with websites which serve ad banners. So, you will see an ad for the product you searched for on many websites. It is kind of creepy, and definitely an intrusion on your privacy. Why should these websites collect your personal information? Who knows what they could do with it?  Private Internet Access blocks ads, even if your browser does not have an add-on for the same. So, your private data remains private.  

Now, if you are downloading P2P torrents without a VPN, this is a much worse scenario, as your IP address is directly displayed to the peers you are connected to. But, when you use Private Internet Access, other peers will only see the IP address of PIA’s server, as the VPN masks your real IP address. This prevents unwanted people, companies, hackers, etc, from tracking you or even hack into your network. This is also useful, if you want to protect your business operations, from your rival companies. 

If you are out of town, or even out of the Country, but still want to watch shows from services which you have paid for, you may find some regional blocks prevents you from doing so. These geo-restrictions can easily be bypassed, when you are using Private Internet Access. PIA has servers in 25 Countries around the world, and these numbers cross over 3200 in number. Wow, so you will experience no waiting queues whatsoever, and sheer number of servers lets you choose any server you want to. 

Using Private Internet Access on your macOS or Windows computer is easy as pie, and so is the case when it comes to the dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Simply login to your account, and select a server location to connect to, and your connection is secure, and you can access services which are available from that region. 

Private Internet Access Coupon Code

Have you ever used a public Wi-Fi network? One which is available in shops, café, coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc. No? Why? You were probably worried that checking your email, or accessing Facebook or twitter, on a public internet connection was probably not a good idea. You are right, such connections are not secure. But, you don’t have to worry about malware infections or hackers when connected to public wireless networks, when you are using PIA. 

You see, Private Internet Access can secure any type of network, be it a wired Broadband, DSLL, mobile networks, and public Wi-Fi connections. It does so, using encryption technologies such as the Blowfish CBC. It is employed along with the OpenVPN protocol, but also supports other protocol technologies like IPSec/L2TP, PPTP and SOCKS5 protocols. so, your connections to Private Internet Access VPN servers are incredibly secure. 

The VPN supports end-to-end encryption, so the data traffic, i.e., the information sent from your computer to the server is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and likewise, the data from other websites which passes through the servers of PIA, is encrypted, before it leaves the VPN server, and arrives on your computer in a totally secure encrypted format. 

This eliminates chances of hackers trying to spy on you. And the Netfilter firewall which Private Internet Access uses in addition to its own Server firewall, essentially negates malware from impacting your devices. 

Speaking of devices, you can connect up to 5 devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, phones), at the same time, using a single account to use Private Internet Access VPN. How awesome is that? 

You can use it to stay up to date with your favorite TV shows, music, etc, by streaming the content using the VPN, regardless of where you are in the World. Are you located in a Country, where social networking websites are blocked? You can use Private Internet Access VPN, to unblock the content, and continue without worries.  

Protect your privacy, and reclaim your online security with PIA. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use this VPN, and you have tech support available 24×7 to help you in case of any issues. 

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