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Have you wondered why ads for products which you searched for appear on websites which you visit? you may have searched for a phone or a hard drive, and the websites have banners for these products. Why? Because by searching for the products on a website, your data is sent to stores which sell the products. 

These stores in turn share the data stored in your browser in the form of cookies, with websites which display the ads for the products, in a way making you buy the product. That’s how the website will make money from the ad. 

But are you okay seeing the ads on websites? No. It is not cool at all. Your privacy is at stake here, and that does not have a price. How do you take control of your privacy? Ad blockers are not really an answer, do you know why? 

Because the browser which you use, will transmit the location of your computer, through your IP (Internet protocol) address. This is usually a dynamic one (changes frequently) depending on your ISP and the type of internet connection you have. But it can still point out who the user is, which is you. So, websites can still know your location, the web browser which you use, and possibly the websites you visited, etc. The real solution here, is to use a VPN, like Private Internet Access. 

What impressed me with Private Internet Access, was its privacy policy. The company, when approached by Governments and asked to share user data with them, refused it. Not only that, the company shut down its services in the region completely, to protect the privacy of its users. This is absolutely incredible, but there is more. 

Private Internet Access does not store any logs, so basically there is zilch which ties you to any data, which is sent from the VPN’s servers. All that the websites will see, is the VPN server’s IP address, which as we mentioned previously will be of no use to anyone, thus protecting you with total anonymity. 

For starters, using Private Internet Access is very easy. There are user friendly applications for Windows and macOS. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you need to login to the same, with your account. 

Then you will be able to select the server which you want to connect to. There are 3200+ servers for Private Internet Access, which are available in 25 countries around the World, so you can choose any server which you want to connect to. 

So, let’s say you want to watch a TV show or a movie, from a service which is not available in your region, you can choose a Country where it is available, connect to the VPN and watch it. The same can apply to online video games, radio, music streaming services too. That’s not all. In case your ISP or Country has blocked specific websites, you can unblock them by using Private Internet Access. And because of the security it provides, you will be able to browse the internet without risking your privacy. 

And all of this, is possible on mobile devices too, because Private Internet Access VPN has an official app on Android and on iOS. Also, you can always use a hotspot created by another device, and still get the security which the service offers. Speaking of which a single account of Private Internet Access, can be used on up to 5 devices, at the same time. So, in case you have a PC, a tablet, two phones, and a laptop, you will be able to use the VPN on all of these devices simultaneously. 

If you travel often, or go to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, hotels, airports, frequently, you will have noticed that these places often have free or public Wi-Fi. Many people use these to browse the internet, post status updates on Facebook, Twitter, check their email, shop online, or even transact on banking websites. This is extremely risky, as infected devices could spread malware to other devices connected to the same network. 

Also, public wireless networks are often targeted by hackers, so you could easily lose your data, or even have your identity stolen, or usernames and passwords, and other financial information. How does Private Internet Access deal with this problem? 

It does so, in multiple ways. Firstly, the VPN employs end-to-end encryption, so the data which is transmitted to and from your computer is encrypted. So, nobody can tap in to it, like they can in MITM attacks (man-in-the-middle) which is possible in a non-encrypted network. The encryption algorithm used by the VPN is called Blowfish CBC, and this is used in conjunction with the popular security protocol, OpenVPN. Private Internet Access also supports IPSec/L2TP, PPTP and SOCKS5 protocols. 

Private Internet Access Coupon Code

It also uses a digital firewall, based on the Netfilter Project, which along with the VPN server’s firewall, prevents network intrusions. This ensures that no malware can access your network, so in a blocks malicious content before your antivirus can. Security and privacy, that is just what we wanted. 

If you are worried about being tracked for downloading torrents, you are correct. The safest way to download torrents is from behind the safety of a VPN, as it masks your real IP address. And Private Internet Access offers full support for P2P downloads. 

There are no bandwidth limitations in the VPN, so you can use it to download as much data as you want without having to worry about crossing a threshold. We didn’t notice too much of an impact in the download speed either, it was quite negligible. 

Is PIA worth it? Yes, it definitely is worth it for the no-logs policy, and the sheer number of servers it has, not to mention the outstanding security measures which it offers. 

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