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Microsoft Office is the most widely used software suite in the World. Everywhere you go, you see people using it, be it universities, offices, shops, etc. Now the biggest problem with Microsoft Office, is that it is not user friendly.

When the Redmond company shifted to a ribbon interface (grouped icons with labels, seprated by sections), it was hated by many. Personally, I think the ribbon UI, is a bit better than its predecessor, in terms of the complexity.


Regardless of this, a new user, i.e., a person who has not used Microsoft Office, or is new to Microsoft Office 2019 and above, will find it very confusing on how to use the features in the software suite. You could try reading e-books or tutorial manuals, but nothing is better than by learning first hand. How do you do that? Well, the best way to learn it is by going to classes, right? Maybe, but it will be expensive, and you have to go to a class and sit and learn with people. This may be socially awkward for many people, if the other students are of a different age group. And such classes are expensive, and could be located far away from your home, thus adding to the burden.

You could try watching videos, but what if the version of the Office software used in it, is different from what you have? Or what if the options shown in the video were confusing, or not available, or the creator of the video didn’t explain it well enough. What then? Well, you could try using a software which can teach you with an interface, similar to that of Microsoft Office. Ready to meet the software? Say hello to Professor Teaches Office 2019 & Windows 10.

A product of Individual Software, renowned for its Typing Instructor products, Professor Teaches Office is an equally good tutorial software, for Windows computers.

The purpose of this software, is to help uses understand how to use Office 2013 & Windows, in an easy way. There are tutorials available for all products in Microsoft Office 2019. This includes


Now, let’s see what the tutorials are designed like. Professor Teaches uses realistic simulations of the Microsoft Office Programs, for the best learning experience. Every lesson includes an interactive environment, which lets you learn the program’s features with ease.

Proffesor Teaches Office uses a progressive learning style, to tutor the user. So you can learn at your own pace. By progressing through the lessons, you will be able to go from a beginner to an intermediate user, to an advanced user with the help of this tutorial software.

Each of the 6 programs, has its own set of lessons, the total of which amounts to over 400 lessons. Professor Teaches Office has an intuitive UI, which lists the lessons in a simple order, which begins from the very basic steps which explains what the Office Workspace is for, to introducing the program, how to add and format content, customize the document, add images, shapes, effects, how to format your page layout for outlining, printing etc.

Once you have finished a chapter, you can take a quiz, to know how well you have grasped the lessons in it. Each course has around 4 to 8 hours of training, so you can rest assured that it is comprehensively done. Oh, and I have to say, one of the highlights of Professor Teaches, is that every lesson is voice narrated, in a very professional manner.

The simulated environment, used in Professor Teaches, closely resembles Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows. Every menu, tab and option are precise. You could say this environment, is a virtual classroom of sorts.

An assistant tab or tutor tab, is shown in each lesson, which explains what you have to do. A voice narration plays, and a transcript is shown in the tutor tab, asking you to perform some simple tasks. Doing these tasks in the simulated software, helps in the transition to the actual Microsoft Office programs.

Once you have completed a topic, a small check mark is put on the title of the lesson, to indicate you have finished it. You can of course retake the lesson anytime you want.  Professor Teaches office has options to change the lesson’s text styling, lets you replay a narration, go back to previous or next lessons, and more.

Professor Teaches Office has in-depth introductions and summaries for each Office program, so you can learn more about them. There is an extensive glossary, index, available at your disposal, in case you are stymied by a term you don’t understand. And there is a search function which lets you find content with ease.

If you wish to learn to use Office 2013 or Windows quickly, you will be pleased to know that Professor Teaches Office has a cool assistant functionality. This is called Professor Answers, and as the name suggests you can ask a question related to the programs, and find instant answers for your queries. Once it displays the answer, it will train you quickly with a mini-training session, to help you understand it and gain experience with the function immediately. This may come in handy, when you are asked to create a document with a specific requirement, which you are not familiar with.

The professional yet easy to understand way in which Professor Teaches Office, certainly helps us grasp the basics quickly. And even if you are good at Microsoft Office, you can find a few topics, in which you could brush up your knowledge in. The voice narration, the interactive exercises, and the fact that the software is not an online video greatly boosts the learning experience.

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