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Which VPN is the best for you? This question is very common among buyers, and not an easy one to answer. A lot of people want a lot of different features, based on their usage. This only makes choosing a VPN, all the more difficult. 

We are here to assist you with making your choice, and we recommend PureVPN. Here’s why. 

PureVPN is available across 5 platforms. You can use it on your Windows, Linux, macOS computers, and also on Android and iOS phones and tablets. There are official apps available for all of these operating systems, and all of them are user-friendly. Once you login to the program using your username and password, you can select a location to connect to. 

Now, there are over 750 servers, which are available in more than 140 Countries across the World. You can select any server you want to connect to. The applications list the servers neatly, by the Region, Countries and Cities. Just pick a server to connect to, and that’s it. Basically, you don’t have to be a computer or tech expert to use the VPN. 

This has many advantages. First of all, you can use a server located in another Country, to unblock websites which are blocked in your own region (either by your ISP or Government). Connecting to a server abroad, can also be used as a workaround, to access music, video services which are not available at your location. 

Some ISPs tend to throttle or block P2P traffic, aka peer-to-peer downloads, or torrenting. This is a great inconvenience for many users, especially those looking for open source, free content such as Linux ISOs. Using PureVPN, you will be able to bypass such unfair restrictions and torrent away. The VPN service does not have any bandwidth limitation. So, you can download as many data as you want to. 

Have you ever been annoyed by online ads? Who hasn’t? The thing is, not only do ads make browsing slow and eat up data, they also follow you around the internet, on many websites. This tends to be a little bit of an issue when it comes to privacy. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such issues, with PureVPN, as it has a built-in adblocker which negates any form of tracking by advertisers, trackers, content publishers, etc. 

Ads are not the only way, using which websites track users. The IP address of your internet connection, is sent by your browser, to the websites. That is how the websites can display the content in your language, currency, etc, and your activities are tied to your IP address. PureVPN masks your IP address, so when you visit a website, the IP address of the VPN server is sent to the website, not your real IP address. This gives you back your privacy, which is the point of the VPN anyway. 

But not all VPNs do the job well. Some can accidentally leak your IP address or the DNS through the browser. PureVPN does not do this, as it offers DNS leak and iPv6 leak protection. You may have heard that modern browsers use a new peer-to-peer technology called WebRTC for sharing files, media, etc. This can also result in your IP address being leaked, but PureVPN prevents that too. 

The IP masking is also very important, when you use torrent clients. Normally, P2P programs display your IP address to the peers in your network (seeders and  leechers), who you are connected to. This means, your IP address is visible to the peers, just like their IP address can be seen by you. PureVPN protects your IP from all sorts of leaks, because your torrent client will only display the IP address of the VPN server, thus ensuring that your internet usage is not traced back to your IP address. 

PureVPN Coupon Code

If you use public wireless networks at Coffee shops, hotels, airports, libraries, etc, you may notice that many other people do too. What if one of the users is a hacker who wants to steal user data, personal information, your identity. Or worse, one of the devices could spread malware through the network. 

You need not worry about hackers, because PureVPN offers security protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2. And all of these protocols, work with every server which the VPN has.  The VPN can also encrypt your internet connection using a 256-bit encryption algorithm. This means, nobody can read your usage or acquire your data, not a hacker and definitely not your ISP. This is what privacy should be. 

You don’t have to worry about malware either. Sure your antivirus will protect your computer, but what about your other devices? PureVPN has a anti-virus and anti-malware, on the server side. This blocks malware from being downloaded, thus securing your device. 

PureVPN has a URL filter, which is frequently updated to block bad websites.  The App Filter is another layer of security in PureVPN, which you can customize, to selectively allow applications to connect to the interner, and block the programs which shouldn’t be allowed to. 

Up to 5 devices can connect simultaneously to a single PureVPN account. And these don’t necessarily have to be a phone or tablet or computer, you can use it with your routers, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Consoles, Smart TV, etc.   

Sometimes you may want to connect to a website using the VPN, but allow the rest of the computer, to use your normal internet connection. This is possible, thanks to the PureVPN browser extensions for Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, which also allow you to select which server location to connect to. 

PureVPN Live Chat support is available throughout the day everyday, in case you need any technical assistance. That is the kind of service we need, and that is the service you get. 

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