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Choosing a VPN is not an easy task. It is jist like selecting an antivirus, or perhaps even more difficult. We are going to make your choice easier, by recommending PureVPN. Here’s why? 

Private or Incognito mode may not save your cookies or browsing history, but your IP address will still be seen by the websites you visit, and your ISP will still be able to monitor your activity. 

PureVPN masks your real IP address, from prying eyes, websites, etc. This is very important, especially if you download torrents. Many people think using a reputed peer to peer program alone is enough to secure their privacy. 

Let’s say you are downloading a legal torrent, like Linux distros, which are available on most websites. Just because the torrent contains open-source or free content, doesn’t mean your connection is safe. When you download the torrent, you may notice in your P2P program, the IP addresses of all the peers and seeders to whom you are connected. 

Similarly, your own IP address will be displayed to others. This is how your usage is tracked by your ISP, hackers, literally anyone can spy on you. That’s why you need a VPN to prevent your IP address from being leaked online. 

So, you can’t be tied to a torrent which you download, right? There is actually a second reason to use VPNs for torrenting. To bypass ISP throttling and blocks. Many ISPs use filtering services and block torrent websites, or throttle P2P traffic. Using PureVPN, you can go around the restrictions and torrent away. PureVPN has over 750 servers in over 140 Countries, located all over the World. Not all servers in the service allow P2P usage, but you can just connect to one of the servers where it is allowed and download the files you want. 

And there are no limits to the bandwidth either, so you can download as much as you want to. 

PureVPN has several security protocols which you can choose from, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2. These protocols are available for every server, so you can connect to any of these, securely. The VPN supports several encryption methods, including up to 256-bit security. These security works in all applications including browsers, download manages, instant messengers, email clients,  torrent applications, etc. 

The VPN protects your IP and DNS information from being leaked accidentally by your browser, to websites which you visit. This includes prevention of IPV6 leaks too. 

There is a kill switch in PureVPN, which secures you when your internet connection drops, so your network usage stops instantly, thus preventing your privacy. 

Another reason, why PureVPN is great, is because it includes a built-in antivirus and anti-malware, which helps prevent malware, ransomware, viruses, etc, from even reaching your devices. They are blocked through the VPN’s servers automatically. Likewise, there is also a built-in ad-blocker in PureVPN. This essentially prevents websites, online ads, search engines, etc, from tracking you or the websites which you visit. It uses IDS (intrusion detection system), and an IPS (intrusion prevention system) to block malicious programs, and network attacks. 

If you are travelling to a different Country, and wish to access services which you paid for at home, say for example, video or music streaming services, you can fire up PureVPN, and select a server from your home Country, and access the streaming service which you subscribed to. This geo-restriction bypassing can also be used to access services which are not available in your region. 

And if you are a frequent flyer or restaurant goer, you may have access to public wireless networks. But such free and public Wi-Fi networks at Airports, Hotels, Cafes, are not secure. Infected devices could connect to these networks and spread malware, hackers could break in and steal user data, or even your identity. 

This becomes a problem when you have no choice but to connect to the network, to send emails, chat, or browse the internet. But you don’t have to worry about this when you are using PureVPN. You see, the VPN secures unsecure networks too, so you can relax and use the network, as if you were browsing from your home. 

You have heard of WebRTC, a protocol which browsers use. This is a peer to peer connection using which audio, video, data are transmitted. This is highly risky as your IP could be leaked to other users. PureVPN can prevent this too, and your privacy remains private. 

PureVPN Coupon Code

The VPN also has a URL filter, which is regularly updated by the company, to prevent malicious and spammy websites. And you also have some options, such as the app filter, which you can use to decide which application is allowed internet access, and which shouldn’t. There is a feature called split tunneling, which allows you to send data through the VPN’s servers, and selectively send data through your ISP’s server. 

PureVPN’s privacy policy clearly says it does not store any logs of your online activities. So, that’s another plus. We didn’t notice any speed loss when using the VPN, other than the nominal loss you can expect. But this can be said of any VPN, and of course when you are connecting to a server located furthere away, it is unavoidable. 

PureVPN is available for Windows macOS, Android and iOS devices. In fact, you can also use it with your Smart TV, Consoles, Roku, Chromecast, Routers, Amazon Fire and other devices. There are also dedicated browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, using which you can connect to the VPN’s servers quickly and secure your network connection. You can use PureVPN on up to 5 devices at the same time. 

PureVPN promises 99.9 of uotime for its servers, and 24 x 7 Live Chat support, throughout the year. Browse securely and anonymously with PureVPN today. 

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