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All good things must come to an end. This applies to everything around us, and yes of course, eventually ourselves. That’s scary, but that’s nature, and it cannot be stopped.

When a loved one has passed, we are heartbroken, and mourn the loss. But after a while, we try to move on with our lives, and this is not easy. Everywhere around, you see little memories of them, which can be cherished. Unfortunately, not everything in life is good. If you have a large family or even just a sibling or two, or some kids, at some point somebody among them are likely to stake a claim in the property.

That is not wrong though, it is perfectly legal, after all we strive to work hard to keep our families safe and happy. So it is only natural that we want our closest family members to inherit our properties. But this involves some serious complications, especially when it comes to legal stuff.

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Unless we leave behind a will, which specifies who gets what, it becomes a really difficult task for our benefactors to legally claim ownership of a property or some thing of monetary value. Now, the best thing to do is prepare a will, by consulting lawyers, who are of course well versed with the procedure of creating a binding document, which is ironclad. The problem is, not everyone has the time or funds to do so, or may even find it uncomfortable to visit a Lawyer’s office, sitting there for hours and hours to discuss details like deciding which family member is going to be the benefactor. Death is a morbid thing, but think about health insurance and life insurance, a will is not much different.

While a health insurance can help you cut your medical bills, a life insurance acts as a form of monetary reassurance to the benefactor, and we buy those insurances right? A will is actually similar, and one which we should prepare, in case of the worst. What if you could prepare a will on your own computer? It is possible with a software called Quicken WillMaker Plus. It comes from Nolo, a company which specializes in consumer friendly do it yourself legal software.

Quicken WillMaker Plus has a very simple interface, which is user friendly. The top of the GUI has a menubar, which lets you perform basic file operations, editing options, navigate through the program, and use its online features.

Just below it is a large toolbar with icons. Each icon is labeled according to its function, and the icons let you navigate through pages, view your documents, manage and view contacts, and view all documents. Below the toolbar is large pane where most of the work will be done. Quicken WillMaker Plus will aks you a bunch of questions, sort of like a personal interview. The answers that you provide, (such as name, address, spouse’s name, etc), are used to prepare the legal documents. It does so in the background, at the end of your interview.

Every document has its own interview, and you can take your own time to answer them. If you want to change (review) the answers, you can do so when the interview for a document has ended, and a preview is displayed. When you are at the end of a document interview, you can save it as a PDF (So you need Adobe PDF or a similar PDF reader to view it). You can also print the document directly from Quicken WillMaker Plus’ previewer, and then sign the paper after reading the signing instructions which the software provides.

Speaking of changing answers which you gave, the interviews which come after prior ones, have customized questions based on your earlier answers, so if you change one answer in a prior interview, you will have different questions in later ones. This helps you rule out errors in the document.  Another nifty feature in Quicken WillMaker Plus, is that, it detects names which you enter in your documents, and automatically creates a contact entry in the My Contacts section of the software, which is pretty much like an address book, used to identify the benefactor or other parties accurately.

Many people avoid creating documents because of the complexity involved in the process. But the questions in Quicken WillMaker Plus, themselves are a wonderful way to create a legal document, because you are just providing some answers, while the software uses professional legal wording for the sentences.

An important thing to note is that Quicken WillMaker Plus, is by no means limited to just creating Wills. You can use it to create other legal documents too such as those which fall under the estate planning category, for example health care directives, powers of attorney for finances, or executor documents like letters to creditors and financial institutions, or home and family documents like Child or Elder care, Pet care, housekeeping instructions, or even personal finance documents like bills of sale and promissory notes. So you could say, its a pretty well rounded legal document creation software.

The fact that you can fill up the forms at your own leisure, without spending hours at a Lawyer’s office is primarily what makes me recommend Quicken WillMaker Plus. You can start an interview, answer it a bit, and if you have some other work, you can save the document, and then come back to it whenever you want, and pick up where you left off.

In addition to the software itself, by registering your license of Quicken WillMaker Plus 2017 will get you some extras. This includes a free 1-year subscription to the following:

  • Nolo’s Online Living Trust
  • Nolo’s Promissory Note
  • Limited Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Temporary Guardianship Authorization for Minor
  • Authorization for Minor’s Medical Treatment
  • Authorization for Foreign Travel

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