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Do you want to build applications that work on multiple operating systems and devices? Are you tired of learning new coding languages or designing multiple UIs? Looking for an application that lets you harness the full potential of IoT gadgets? If so, then RAD Studio should take care of all those things in an instant. By bundling in Delphi, C++ Builder, HTML5 Builder, and a whole host of other software development tools, RAD Studio gives you the option to focus less time on coding and more time on creating terrific user experiences. With the ability to automatically generate optimized code for a variety of platforms and devices, you simply can’t go wrong by opting for RAD Studio.

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Super-Intuitive User Interface

RAD Studio puts everything that it has on offer into focus right from the get-go. Upon starting the application, you can select whatever that you want to perform — multi-device applications using Delphi or C++, multi-device forms, VLC form applications, etc. Upon selecting the coding language that you want to use, RAD Studio displays the UI design and coding area to the center of the window, while the left and right side panes include various components such as the Structure, Object Inspector, and Project Manager that lets you easily complete projects — a convenient menu bar to the top of the window displays additional tools available at your disposal. The application also includes various tutorials — both video and text — that point out important features and how you can work with them.

Bundled Toolset

With the help of multiple integrated tools, RAD Studio lets you perform nearly anything you want when it comes to developing apps that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices — three prominent tools included are Delphi, C++ Builder, and HTML5 Builder. By having access to Delphi, you have the opportunity to build apps with remarkably fast compiling support while generating native code for alternate platforms in no time. C++ Builder, on the other hand, allows for a more distinct approach to app development, where you can focus less time on code and more time using drag-and-drop elements for faster programming; you can also use components developed though Delphi with minor modifications to work on C++ Builder. Finally, HTML5 Builder allows you to develop Web-based apps that shouldn’t have any trouble running on whatever desktop or mobile device you plan to deploy them on.

Multi-Platform Support

RAD Studio includes the FireUI Multi-Device Designer, which is a cross-platform UI framework that makes developing applications to work on both desktops and mobiles a breeze. Unlike other app development applications that require completely separate user interfaces and code written for each platform you want, FireUI instead lets you do all of those on the same user interface. Simply put, you can build a single user interface, make it look native across all platforms, and FireUI does the rest of the job for you. Whether its allowing your app to access platform APIs, optimizing it for native GPUs and CPUs for best performance via shared code bases, or making use of the various device sensors and services built in to the device that you are targeting, FireUI takes care of all those issues in no time.

Real-Time Previewing

RAD Studios’ FireUI feature isn’t just limited to porting apps to alternate platforms — thanks to a separate module called FireUI App Preview, it also features built-in functionality that lets you preview your apps as you work on them in real-time. Regardless of the platform — Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, etc. — that you want your application to work on, FireUI App Preview gives you the opportunity to review even the most minimum of changes made to the user interface or code. If you want to monitor the changes made directly within the platform that you want your app to work on, RAD Studio lets you do just that — simply put, you can connect your devices to the application via local Wi-Fi, and then broadcast changes made in real-time to the device.

Comprehensive IoT Support

RAD Studios’ support for all things IoT (Internet of Things) is quite unprecedented. Since various new gadgets and devices are being introduced to the IoT ecosystem on a daily basis, RAD Studio lets you create apps or add capabilities to pre-existing applications — both desktop and mobile — so that you can create new experiences for end-users. The application’s support for building hyper-connected and flexible apps is also quite remarkable. You can, for example, extend the functionalities of business apps to work on back-end services, mobile devices, and IoT gadgets — thanks to features such as Live Bindings, you can actively check out information flows to forms and applications, and you can also switch back-end services and platforms with minimum hassle.

Should I Buy It?

If you are a software developer looking to build apps that work across a range of platforms, you may have just stumbled upon the perfect software development kit. With access to Delphi, C++ Builder, and HTML5 Builder, you can build terrific looking apps, while the built-in FireUI functionality takes care of all those compatibility issues between all the various desktop and mobile platforms in no time — simply put, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on coding. Not just that, but features such as FireUI App Preview gives you complete control over app building, and comprehensive support for all things IoT definitely puts RAD Studio as one of the best software developments kits currently available. If you are simply looking for Delphi or C++ Builder, you can grab those in standalone versions as well.