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Rank Tracker Professional Coupon Code

Running a website is no easy task. Whether it is a news blog, or a tutorial website, or an online store, or website which lists the products and services you offer, it is always affected by a single powerful rule, its rank on search engine results.

It is pretty basic honestly. If you can’t find the exact website or webpage you are looking for on a search result page, then you can be sure it is not ranking well on the results.

Think about it. When you Google for a specific keyword, you will see many many pages of results for the term you searched for. But have you ever gone past the first page of results? I mean if you haven’t found what you were searching for, the most likely thing which you will do, is re-search using a different term.

Nobody goes past the first page usually, and sometimes people don’t even go past half of the 1st page. Very rarely do people have the patience to actually click on the 2nd or 3rd page and so on, until they find the result they wanted.

Many news blogs, websites and online stores suffer due to this. So how do you fix this? The first step is to find out just how well your website is doing, and for this, you need to check how search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are ranking your website among their results.

Because if your website is not doing well, you need to make some corrections, so that search engines crawl your site and re-rank it according to its proper content. Now to find the rank of your website,you can’t use manual tools, else it won’t be as efficient.

The right solution is, to use a specific program designed for this purpose, such as Rank Tracker Professional. So, how do we use this program? Let’s find out. To be frank, it kind of looks like a web browser, and for a web tool, this is a huge plus.

The first screen which you will see, or step 1, is a web address bar, where you enter the website’s URL. Hit next, and you will be prompted to include your Google Adwords and Analytics account by connecting them to the program. This is great for site admins and webmasters, but if you don’t want to you can skip connecting the accounts.

The step which is next, is the most important one, and here is where you will enter the keywords for which the website is ranked for. Every website is ranked high for specific keywords, which they specialize in. For.e.g: Coupon Code, or Discount Code, or something similar.

Remember, the goal is to make your website rank on the first page of Google. Using Rank racker is part of that goal, and will help you eventually achieve that. We suggest taking a look at the companies other products, which can do more. Now the results which appear in the program, take into factor every block such as Google’s pages, videos, news, shopping, places, books and real-time results, .

You can specify multiple keywords in your search, but you should only input only one per line. These keywords will be monitored by Rank Tracker for changes that the keywords rank for.

Next you will be able to select the Country, and select the Search Engines, which you wish Rank Tracker to check the website’s position in.

Use the file menu to open and save your projects. By the way, you can save the projects on your hard drive, or on to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or SEO PowerSuite Cloud. You can also export and import keywords from this menu. The next screen is where you will normally be working in, with the program. This screen has a sidebar on the left edge, a menu bar on the top right and the top left corners, and a tabbed interface in the center of the interface.

The left sidebar has the following tabs Target Keywords, Keyword Research, Domain Strength, and Reports.

Target Keywords is divided into three sub-sections:

Ranking Summary, which shows the website’s visibility by serach engines, and the keyword rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can also see whether the keywords rank number 1, or if they appear in the top 10 or top 50 of the search results. If they don’t rank at all, you should consider using better keywords to correct this.

Rank Tracker Professional Coupon Code

You can use the bar on the top left to check the rankings again, view competitors (3rd party websites which maybe ranking for the same keyword), and compare the cprrect with previous results.

Rank Tracking allows you to view the keywords, and their rankings, SEO/PPC data, traffic, competitors, comparison with previous results. You can use this tab to check the rank progress, SERP Analysis, Visibility, Organic Traffic, and Keyword Difficulty, all of which are represented in both graphical, and text details.

The Keyword Map lets you see which keywords, are landing users on which pages, and check for the Keyword Difficulty and the PPC Analysis. Keyword Research can be used to check for specific keyword ranks, which will help you decide if you wish to move your existing keywords to a different group. Domain Strength displays the IP address, country where the website is registered, the age of the website. indexing in search engines, how many backlinks the website has, the linking domains, IPs, C-Blocks, and also how popular the website is on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Reports is a dashboard of sorts, which combines all the rest of the sidebar’s tabs, into a collection of summaries. You can use the task Scheduler in the sidebar of Rank Tracker Professional, to run specified tasks on a selected time and date, to automate the manual check.

Rank Tracker Professional supports 569 international and local search engines, and you can save up to 5 projects on the SEO PowerSuite Cloud . Use this program to see how your website ranks from different countries around the World, in a non-personalized manner.

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