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Lost a disc case that carried the serial number of a program? Want to re-install the operating system but can’t remember the Windows license key? Bought a used computer and need access to the serial numbers of each and every program? If so, then Recover Keys should take care of your problems. With support for up to 8000+ programs, you can be assured of finding the serial numbers of nearly any program installed on your computer. Recover Keys also features the ability to scan any computer connected on a local area network, even if they run Apple’s OS X.

User Interface

The first time that you open Recover Keys, you are presented with a pop-up box that features all your scanning options — Scan Local Computer, Scan Another HDD/Windows OS, Scan Network Computers, and Advanced. Scan Local Computer lets you instantly scan the system drive of the computer that you are currently using. Scan Another HDD/Windows OS, on the other hand, lets you check for serial numbers on any other operating systems installed on your computer, while Scan Network Computer lets you check for license keys on any PCs or Macs connected on a local area network. Finally, Advanced gives you access to some of the more advanced options that the application features, such as registry hive and operating system cache scanning.


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Scanning for Serial Keys

Recover Keys makes scanning for license keys a breeze. By using the “Scan Local Computer” option, you can instantly start crawling your computer for the serial numbers associated with registered programs. The application supports a vast number of programs, with the developers quoting built-in support for up to 8000+ applications. In addition to performing a quick run of the system registry for serial key values, Recover Keys also, by default, resorts to a more thorough “Deep Scan” mode that thoroughly scans all registry entries associated with a program.

After scanning your computer, the application presents all detected serial keys — along with the associated program — under sections labeled Main Scan and Deep Scan. In addition to presenting you with the license keys of all detected programs, the application also displays additional information such as license status, product ID, registered user, etc., for a richer experience. Detected information can be exported via various file formats such as HTML, DOCX, PDF, XML, TXT, etc., which allows you to easily share information with others. In addition, the application also features a dedicated print option that allows you print out select program license keys.

Multiple Operating Systems

If you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer, you can use Recover Keys to scan for serial keys of programs installed on other operating systems. With access to the Scan Another HDD/Windows OS feature, you can instantly select any partition or hard drive that includes an operating system and crawl its system registry for license key entries. You can also take things further by connecting the hard drive of another computer — of an obsolete computer, for example — and scanning it for available license keys. This entire process is very similar to scanning your current operating system, where you receive all license keys of supported applications in addition to various other miscellaneous information.

Scanning Other Computers

Recover Keys also presents an unprecedented level of support when it comes to scanning for license keys on any computers connected via a local area network. Provided that you have the necessary administrative privileges, you can make use of the Scan Network Computer feature and select between various options that allow you to scan a single computer, multiple select computers, an IP address range, or the entire network. By taking compatibility to another level, Recover Keys also features full support for any operating system since Windows XP. In a welcome move, it also supports any Macs connected to your network as well.

Advanced Options

In addition to your normal license key scanning options, Recover Keys also feature multiple additional options that allow for a more advanced scanning procedure — Shotgun-mode Scan, Scan Adobe Cache.db, Scan .reg Files, and Scan Registry Hive. With Shotgun-mode Scan, you can get even more results by specifying the application to detect suspicious registry values that resemble license keys. On the other hand, the Scan Adobe Cache.db option lets you scan the database caches of Adobe product for a higher chance at recovering related serial numbers. Further, the Scan .reg Files option lets you scan any imported or backed up registry databases for serial keys, while the Scan Registry Hive option lets you scan registry hives to increase recovery odds.

Should I Buy It?

With access to Recover Keys, you no longer have to double-dip on buying your favorite programs if you lose your serial numbers. By featuring the ability to thoroughly scan the system registry of a computer, Recover Keys lets you have access to all your license keys in no time. Not just that, but the level of support that it provides by letting you scan alternate operating systems and computers connected on a local area network regardless of OS version makes it one of the best license key recovery programs currently available.