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As you know, RedmineUP is very useful suite for managing projects using a web based interface. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that its base program, offers the best functionality. There is room for improvement, and this is possible using the many plugins which are available for RedmineUP . plugins.

RedmineUP may be open source, but some of its best plugins are premium, and for good reason, they offer more features than free ones. Plugins, or add-ons whatever you want to call them are an incredible way to transform one application, into a whole new one with a lot of special features. Browsers and their add-ons are good examples of this.

RedmineUP Agile Plugin Coupon Code

Now, imagine how RedmineUP , an already powerful web-app, can work with plugins. Today, we will be looking at the Agile Plugin for Redmine. This is one of the most popular plugins for Redmine, but for those of you who have not used it before, here is what it can do.

Let’s say you are working on a software project. You likely have a team, who are collaborating ideas, to work on the application you are developing. How do you track the progress? This where RedmineUP and Agile excel.

You can use the Agile Plugin in RedmineUP , on any modern browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox. Once you are on the dashboard screen, click on Agile, to view what it can do. This is the Agile Ajax board, and displays your project information in a neat manner. To the right edge of the screen, you can see the project’s team members, and a list of issues, and some chart options. On the left pane, you can see the status of the project as well as individual user stories board.

You have access to all of Agile charts, which you can use to monitor the status of your project, in various types of charts like Burndown, Cumulative, Flow chart, Velocity, or Lead Time charts.

And how easy is it to use these charts? We are glad you asked. You can simply drag and drop the jobs or works on the whiteboard, from one column to another to manage your team’s work easily. This is an efficient way to assign a specific work to a member of the team. You can also use it for commenting on something, like say, a work which you were working on, and this comment can help others understand the status of the same.

It can also be used to track issues easily. You can also add checklists for making your work easier. The Agile plugin can be used with any methodology which you want to employ be it Scrum or Kanban, or hybrid ones such as Scrumban or Kanplan.

The charts which the plugin offers, can be used for analytical purposes, to keep an eye on your project’s progress. This is helpful to see how much work is remaining, in a job. You can also use charts to compare the current workflow and the ideal way to distribute the work more efficiently.

You can also use columns and sub-columns by duplicating them, or any specific phases, in case you want to. You can also use swimlines, for organizing the issues by the person it was assigned to, or the parent task, separating the columns. Also, you can color code the text and the cards in the charts for better organizational flow. You can also assign filters to narrow down the charts by the rules.

Agile Plugin Coupon Code

Sprint planning is very important to any Agile project. You always have to check whether your assignees will be able to meet their task’s deadlines. And the Agile plugin can be used for checking each sprint, which issues are assigned to specific sprints, and also for re-assigning the issues among sprints, and backlogs, using the split view mode. Fixes and features which belong in a sprint will be released as a single software patch for your software. And when you copy a project, everything it contains, including issues and sprint schedules, will be copied along with it.

Story points can be a life saver in your project. You can add story points to each story, so you can analyze the work taken to implement the story, and also assign assign new story points based on it, for every issue and phase in the project. The User Stories board has a lot of options which allow you to customize the columns, to a great extent. You can also create your own boards, with your own columns and settings such as setting the visibility to particular ranks of your team members.

You can also set limits for the number of work in progress, which your team uses for each task, in each phase. This helps in focusing effort on pending work. For example, if you use the Work In Progress metric in Kanban, you can use it to set the number of tasks, assign work in a balanced way, so that the productivity of your team remains high. This is easy to use, as every phase in a board has a column for this very purpose.

The issue tracking in the plugin, is truly top notch, and you can use it to your advantage. Let’s say you have someone on the team, who has finished their assigned work, you can assign them a new issue to fix, or you can use it to shift the best person suited to fix the issue, like your most experienced guy, to a particular issue where their expertise can be of great help. This not only helps fixing issues, but also reduces the burden on your team.

The customization options, and the easy to use functionality make Agile Plugin a must have for any developer team. It works great with almost every known database platforms, such as SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server.

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