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Which software do you use for keeping track of your software development projects? If you answered RedmineUP , then it is great. That is because RedmineUP is an excellent system for managing your project.

But what do you do with it? Projects comprise of various things. They can be ideas, tasks which you have assigned to your team members, issues, work in progress, and more.

Many people of the developer community, and IT teams, rely on RedmineUP for another purpose, to track down issues. A great way to fine tune this task, is by making use of plugins, which are available from many websites.

One such plugin, which can help you with tracking and managing issues, is the Checklist Plugin. It is named after exactly what it can do, make and manage checklists. It is a very popular plugin, and it is also very user friendly, without any complex menus or options. Let’s find out what it can do.

You see, when an issue is reported in the tracker of a software project, there are certain protocols, which have to be followed. For example, the issue has to be acknowledged first, and the rest of the actions follow, like assigning a member to fix the problem. But in the background, there are a lot more work going on, right?

Now, the Checklist Plugin is a premium plugin, which can be used by IT Teams and Developer Teams, to include an extensive list of things which they need to go through, before releasing their software, or an update for their software. You can add, manage, delete, or mark the items on the checklist as done, with a single click of the mouse. How is this possible? The credit for this goes to the technology which the plugin uses, Ajax. It is actually quite similar to work with as the RedmineUP Agile Plugin, which also uses Ajax.

Using the Checklist plugin is simple like eating a piece of cake. For example, you can select a user (team member), a category, and then add the Checklist items. Pending tasks will be displayed as normal sentences with blank checkboxes next to them. Completed tasks on the other hand will be struck through, to indicate that the task has been done. There is also a checkbox to the left of each entry, to check whether the task is done or not.

When you click on an issue in the board, you will see the subject of the issue in your project. This is actually a clickable text, which when clicked on, will take you to the issue’s task page which has a detailed information view. when you have the Checklist plugin installed in RedmineUP , and scroll down the screen you will see the actual checklist, for the issue which was selected. You can filter the lists, by sorting them based on their status, i.e., the priority.

This is very useful, as it allows you to monitor the status of every issue that is filed under RedmineUP ’s boards. So even if a member from the team is replaced, you will still have some information on what needs to be done next in the list, and proceed accordingly. You can also make use of checklists, to ensure that you are not lagging behind your work schedule, i.e, kind of like a Sprint, with a pre-determined time limit, before which your team should finish the job.

Checklist Plugin Coupon Code

If you want to create a checklist using the RedmineUP platform, you have to assign tasks, make entries by naming them, etc, which could consume a lot of time. But with the Checklist plugin, you will actually be saving time, because it has a lot of checklist templates to choose from, readily available. You can also use the plugin to create new templates in your own styling. The best part is that these templates have preassigned tasks in them, so you can quickly create new checklists. Also, when you have to start a list for other issues, you don’t have to start from scratch. Templates can be set as public or private, so only the person to whom it was assigned can view it. Templates can be set to Public for just a single project, or for all projects.

When a task has been completed, you or the team member to whom the task was assigned to, should click on the task to mark the specific task, as completed. To create a new task, simply type in the text box, and then click on the + button to add the task. To delete a task, you just have to hit the bin button.

The plugin works with Agile boards of all your projects, so you can see the checklists and interact with the list. There is a special tool called the issue history log, available in the plugin, which automatically saves every change made to your checklists. This includes details about which of your team member’s made the change, at what time, and complete details about the items in the checklist which was edited. So if someone deleted an instance of an object, it will be recorded in the history, and so will every action, such as an item marked completed, etc. You can view the records from the task where it was created to see all of the history which was saved by the plugin.

You can use the Checklist plugin with SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server databases and access it with latest browsers across different operating systems, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari to name a few. The plugin is available in 14 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish and Hungarian.

The Checklist Plugin for RedmineUP , is a user friendly and efficient way to manage and handle issues in your project.

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