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Get the best discount on the amazing customer relationship management system plugin for your company. Save now with this RedmineUP CRM Coupon Code. Working RedmineUP CRM Plugin Discount and Promo Code.It is very important for any company, to provide good customer service, once they sell a product. But sometimes, you will have to promptly answer sales inquiries as well. Handling such a department, is no easy task. That is why many firms use a management system such as RedmineUP , to deal with issues, and customer support.

RedmineUP CRM Plugin Coupon Code

You will be needing some good plugins to make it work more efficiently, and for this we can recommend the RedmineUP CRM Plugin.

This plugin, is a superb way to ensure that your company can provide top notch customer support. It is quite similar to the Helpdesk Plugin, but has different features, which you will find very useful. This includes sales funnels, charts, reports, and so much more.

One of the advantages of using the CRM Plugin, is that it offers all of the information which you need, about your contacts. So you can view the customer name or company name, their website’s address, phone number, customer status labels, and the category which they belong to.

If you have other plugins installed in RedmineUP , the CRM Plugin will pull the information from them such as any previous orders, background info, tickets, projects, etc, which are related to the contact. You can also use it to assign a different level of visibility for the same contact, in multiple projects. The tags which you can assign to them can be customized in different colors, like in a color coded priority system.

When you want to communicate with a customer, you will need to make sure you include information which you find relevant, by adding notes to each contact using the CRM plugin. This is not actually limited to notes, you can also add files to the contacts in the list, to help you with your work. This way you can use them to attach agreements, sales documents, draft copies of offers, etc, which ever you find relevant to your communication requirements.

The CRM Plugin for RedmineUP is capable of gathering information from all other plugins which you may have installed, so you can see all of the related info right on the contact card. This set of important information, appears as a section on the issues page, on the side panel, which can be accessed quickly. You can see all of the relevant issues which have been assigned to a person, which can also be used to view the ticket status, and the communication history with a customer, before you reach out to them.

Speaking of sales, there is no better way to ensure your customers are satisfied. Deals are by far the most effective way to make people buy your products. But there are some things which you need to check, to prevent your income from taking a hit. Fortunately there are multiple options in the CRM Plugin, to check how deals will turn out for you. This includes an easy way to check the probability of the success of a deal.

It supports Gantt, Agile boards among options, which you can use to track, edit the deals. You can configure sales funnels to track the income at every stage, for best chance of success. You can include details such as the customer information, the price you sold your product or services to them. You have full control over the customization of the fields such as the contacts, deals, notes, filters, etc available in CRM. So you can easily add more fields as per necessary. You can also edit operations, issues, contacts, assignements, etc in batches, i.e., at the same time.

The next step is to contact the customer, and the most common way, is the written word, we are talking the standard communication used by support teams, emails of course. And you do not have to open your Outlook or other email client, for this purpose. Why bother with these, when you can send emails directly from within the interface of RedmineUP .

The CRM Plugin is actually capable of more, in that your emails are not limited to text content. You can use it to attach any file or document to your email or even related issues, or notes, etc. Want to CC someone in the email, you can do that too. There is one additional tool, email dropboxes, which can be used to store any correspondence, under a single issue, like a folder. You can use the plugin to set reminders, the next time you contact a customer, so you don’t forget to reach out to them on time.

You can filter the issues list to quickly find the contacts you want. The contact information can be set to use the macro information from the email. You can set email notifications to recieve alerts, when an email comes in. And you can also export and import contacts to popular formats easily. For example you can save contacts to the vCARD (vpim gem) format, or use your list of Google Contacts or contacts from a CSV, and add them to the plugins database.
Redmine CRM Plugin Coupon Code

The side panels for the Contacts, Deals pages are very useful to quickly jumping between all contacts, deals, issues, notes, or to select only the ones you want to. The Deals tab can also be used to view the sales funnel statistics, for each contact. You can use the context menu to manage, edit, delete, and star the information which you want to monitor.

The CRM Plugin can be installed on any database system, including SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server. The plugin supports 24 languages, the list of which includes English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Russian, etc.

The CRM Plugin is an excellent way to build rapport with your clients and customers, and one which your support team deserves to maximize their productivity.

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