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There are a total of 9 plugins in the bundle. Let’s tell you more about each of them.

RedmineUP CRM plugin:

The CRM plugin is useful for managing your company’s relationship with your customers. You can use it for accessing contact information such as the customer’s name, website address, phone number, company name, etc, whenever you want to. And this includes important information such as history of communication with the customer, background info from previous issues, orders, tickets, etc. You can use such information to know more about the customer and their relationship with your company, before you contact them.

You don’t need a separate application for contacting customers, not when you can email them straight from Redmine. This includes options to CC mails, and to store all correspondence in email dropboxes.

It allows you to add notes, files, documents, etc to the contact, so you can find the relevant information, whenever you want to. Want to set up a discounted sale for your products ? Use the deals section to check the chances of the sale becoming a success, and also to track how the status of the deal is, and use this information to monitor the deal and edit it if necessary. This works with Gantt, Agile boards, and can be configured to work with your own sales funnels.

RedmineUP HelpDesk plugin:

If the CRM Plugin is the best suited for contacting customers, the Helpdesk Plugin is the next step in the customer service process. This allows you to enable better internal communication within the company, and also monitor the quality of your customer service.

This is possible thanks to consumer friendly emotikon system which allows your customers, to send feedback about the support they experienced, by simply clicking on the happy face, neutral face or sad face smileys or emojis. You can then use this to track customer satisfaction based on reports.

The Helpdesk plugin offers SLA Metrics and Reports, which lets you track the average response time, number of replies which were required to close a support ticket, and the time taken to close a ticket. There are templates in the plugin, which allow you to configure all kinds of communication from replies, auto responders, canned replies, etc with ease.

You can reply to tickets directly from the issue page, or view relevant information, or turn issues into support tickets too. The Helpdesk widget API, allows you to place a widget anywhere on your website, which can be used by your employees and customers, to send inquiries, set tickets, etc, from any page they are on. You have complete control over the fields available in the widget, including configuring the content which should be pre-populated before the user types anything.

RedmineUP Invoices plugin:

The Invoices Plugin is useful for creating, tracking, and exporting all of your invoices. This includes recurring invoices and billing, which can be automated for convenience. Reports can be customized to be saved in PDF formats with all important details in it, and can be sent to your client. This is useful when you want to sent quotations, estimates, invoices, etc, which works with the Finance Plugin. If you are providing time based services to customers, you can suse the plugimn to bill them with RedmineUP time entries, with custom rates and invoices.

The plugin also allows you to add tax or discount as per the country, for any product or service which you offer. It supports multiple currencies, and is available in 19 languages.

RedmineUP Finance plugin:

This plugin as the name suggests, helps you manage your finances. It supports multiple currency for international operations, and allows you to manage multiple accounts, from a single panel. There is a neat calendar of payments which can serve as a reminder system for future payments. There are a lot of categories to choose from, which can be used as a tracking system for payments for individual operations.

RedmineUP Products plugin:

The Products plugin is the most important one of the lot, regardless of if you deal with products which are stored in warehouses, or provide services, etc. It can track your inventory, the sales of goods or services, applied taxes and discounts, and more. There are lists, which you can use to breakdown the information to each and every order. The tree system used in this plugin lets you manage as many categories as you want to, in an organized manner.

It is compatible with other prlugins, to pull data from, such as sales quotas, tickets, services, etc add can add them to invoices. Uou can design your own delivery or order processes with custom statuses, to provide better communication with your customers.

RedmineUP Agile plugin :

This is the plugin which you need for monitoring your project’s progress and its status, complete with support for Agile charts and diagrams such as Burndown, Cumulative, Flow, Velocity or Lead Time. From tracking issues, to appointing people to deal with issues, and commenting on checklists, you can do everything with this plugin, The Agile plugin has drag and drop support for quickly changung, prioritizing issues and their handlers.

Redmine Full Stack Coupon Code

It supports traditional methodology like Scrum, Kandban as well as hybrid systems of the two like Kanplan, Scrumban etc. You can copy projects with issues, sprint schedules, and also boards to other projects, so you can make use of the success. The plugin offers a great deal of customization including the views, rules, filters, which you can color code,

RedmineUP Checklists plugin:

The best way to deal with issues is by using Checklists. This plugin has templates, with preassigned tasks which you can create quickly to help your team, You can view checklists directly from Agile boards of your projects. Editing, adding, deleting items in a checklist is a breeze, as is marking one as completed with a single click of the mouse. The history log automatically neatly lists any and every change made to a checklist .

RedmineUP People plugin:

This is intended for Human Resource departments, as it lets you view all information about the people in your company. You can use it for rich user profiles, which includes contact info, birthday, notes, files, issues etc. You can tag people to find them quickly, group people in to teams, departments, etc. It can also be used as a notification system for reminders or warnings, etc which can be sent to all users, or specific groups.

RedmineUP MailChimp plugin:

This plugin can be used to manage your company’s and CRM contacts, email subscribers and email campaign lists. This is useful when you send out newsletters to a large amount of contacts.

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