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What is the one thing which is most important for your company? Customers of course. They are the very heart of any company, who not only buy your products, but also give you feedback on how to improve your services further, and also enable you to see just how your company is performing. It is by gathering their wants and needs, that your R & D team, can focus on your next projects.

RedmineUP Helpdesk Plugin Coupon Code

Running a customer support team, is no piece of cake. It takes more than a handful of representatives to talk to the customer, and listen to their problems. There is a lot of backend stuff which goes on, like internal communication among employees, the support team, engineers, technicians, etc. You need to handle it like a pro, and for that you can use a database to manage the tasks and other information.

RedmineUP is a solid choice for such a database management team, but you will need a more polished experience, like what you get with the RedmineUP Helpdesk Plugin. This premium plugin, can transform the database in to a complete support system which you can use with ease.

Helpdesk uses SLA Metrics to track the performance of your customer service department. This includes reports, the first response time, the time taken to close tickets, the number of replies which were needed to close a ticket, and more.

What good is a customer service which cannot satisfy a customer? And how do you measure customer satisfaction? You could use surveys of course, but Helpdesk uses a more fun way, called Emotikon, a play on the word emoticon, more commonly known as smileys or emojis. You can allow clients to rate their experience with how the customer support agent responded to them, by clicking one of three available options: happy, neutral or sad emotikon, which will be added after the reply from the agent. You can then use this data to track the customer satisfaction with reports.

Helpdesk works in conjunction with RedmineUP ‘s issues module, and with a fellow super useful plugin called the CRM Plugin. That means, you can use it to view all the customer information, which is available on the right edge of the screen, including the customer’s name, photo, email address and phone number, along with details about the previous tickets which they had raised.

There is a related contacts option, which you can use to create a duplicate copy of the list, which can be used to send a message to the contact, say for example, regarding updates to the issue which they contacted your company for.

Likewise, there is a direct reply system available on the issue page, which you can use to contact the customers, without having to open another application. This message will be sent via the ticket system, and includes the information about the ticket id, name, surname of the person, in the macros which have header and footer templates, for giving the message a professional look, which is rich with details. You can also send CC, BCC copies of the mail, and attach files to your email, like a receipt, or some documents.

Sometimes the messages which land in your issues page, may have support request messages. You can use Helpdesk to easily filter these out from the Issues List. Additionally, you can also add some new fields to the Issues Table to include crucial details, such as the customer information, and the content of the message from the last ticket.

Don’t have time to respond to a customer’s query? Sometimes it is not possible for a company to address issues immediately, simply because they are in a different time zone than the consumer’s. What they do at times like this, or for every query, is they send out an automated reply to the customer. This is also called as autoresponder, and such as system is available in the RedmineUP Helpdesk Plugin. It allows you to include a response header and footer, which can be set to use macro data from the ticket such as the customer’s name, ticket id, etc.

There are customizable templates in Helpdesk, which allow you to set your own autoresponders, canned replies, messages, replies, and also set the design and other information for every single project. This includes customization of the text formatting such as Bold, Italics, Underline, as well as including bulleted lists, numbered lists etc. So, when a customer sends in a support request, they will get an automated reply from your company, which can contain a message like an official acknowledgment from the company, that you have received a request for assistance with an issue.

Redmine Helpdesk Plugin Coupon Code

That is not all it is capable of, Helpdesk has a very good widget with an API. This widget can be placed anywhere on your website, so customers can send their queries from your website, regardless of which page they are on. These query or ticket forms, can be set to contain content (autopopulate) before the customer has typed anything, say for example a product name, or Country they are from, etc. And the best part is that this is not limited to your customers and your website, you can place the Helpdesk Widget internally, on your RedmineUP . This way your employees can use it for monitoring issues, and tickets. These widgets can be set to gather information such as the product ID, status, address of a webpage, etc,. You can customize the fields as per your requirements.

The Helpdesk plugin works with all database formats such as SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and can be used on the web with every modern browser out there.

The ease with which your customer service can deal with issues, monitor their satisfaction, work performance, etc makes Helpdesk an incredible asset to your company.

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