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Facing hardware-related issues while working on your computer? Unsure if your device drivers are up-to-date? Finding device drivers updates confusing to perform? If so, then Driver Reviver should fit you perfectly. With the uncanny ability to scan all connected hardware devices — both internal and external — Driver Reviver instantly notifies you of outdated drivers, and then provides you the necessary means to acquire the latest versions. The application also features disaster-recovery functionality that provides for instant driver backups, thereby allowing you to perform your updates without worrying about messing up the operating system.

User Interface

Driver Reviver features a super-intuitive user interface that just about anyone can start working with instantly. The application separates available features under four separate tabs — Home, PC Scan, Backup, and Options. Under the Home tab, you can find summarized details about any issues that require your immediate attention — an obsolete device driver, for example. The PC Scan tab, on the other hand, walks you through all aspects of the driver update procedures for installed hardware. In addition, the Backup tab provides that much need functionality when it comes to backing up and restoring drivers. Finally, the Options tab gives you access to a range of tools that let you determine how the application functions.


Updating Drivers

Driver Reviver features a wizard-based approach to driver updating, where the application separates the procedure into four phases — Scan, Results, Download, and Install. The Scan phase performs a comprehensive search for all connected hardware devices — display adapters, monitors, processors, USB controllers, audio cards, etc., where the application then presents its findings in the Results phase. Just select the items that you want updated, and the Download phase automatically does that for you — Driver Reviver downloads each driver from the hardware manufacturer’s website, so you don’t have to worry about any malicious threats to your PC. Finally, the Install phase performs the required installations of the downloaded drivers.

Backing Up Drivers

Since updating device drivers can potentially mess up the operating system or cause certain applications to not work properly, Driver Reviver features its own integrated solution for that very issue — an integrated backup manager. The application features the ability to update all drivers, or just select drivers individually. Device drivers can be backed up to any partition within your hard drive, or to a connected external storage device, such as a USB flash drive — in a welcome move, you can also choose to back up your drivers directly to cloud-based storage services for additional security. In case things go wrong, you can use the Restore function present within Driver Reviver to instantly revert to the older device drivers via the backup archive that you created earlier.

Exclusions List

In addition to backing up and restoring device drivers as a means to prevent system malfunctions, Driver Reviver also gives you the option to exclude certain device drivers from being scanned and updated automatically in the future. Thanks to an integrated exclusions list, you can instant send any device that you don’t want updated so that it can be exempt from being scanned. This feature is particularly useful for instances where updating certain drivers can be harmful to the operating system, and may also result in certain applications not functioning properly — if you had to perform a device driver restoration, you can consider excluding the troublesome hardware device from being scanned in the future.

Task Scheduler

If you want to have your computer running the latest drivers at all times — even when you don’t want to actively do all the hard work — Driver Reviver lets you do just that. Thanks to an integrated task scheduler, you can create update jobs for the application to perform either once at specified intervals, or multiple times daily or weekly. You can also configure the application to either download and install the drivers automatically, or just download them so that you can determine whether to install them at your discretion — if you choose the former, Driver Reviver performs the update procedures in the background so that you can work on unhindered by application notifications.

Configuration Options

In addition to all the aforementioned features, Driver Reviver also features multiple configuration options that let you determine how the application functions. You can, for example, choose to automatically scan the computer for drivers during computer startup so that you can be assured of running the latest drivers at all times. In addition, you can also specify the application to create a system restore point before performing an update so that you can have the entire system restored in instances of severe issues. Further, you can determine whether to download updates recommended directly by ReviverSoft — the developers of Driver Reviver.

Should I Get It?

With Driver Reviver installed on your computer, you no longer have to worry about outdated device drivers causing application errors and malfunctions. The ability to seamlessly detect, download, and install drivers for all connected hardware devices, combined with a super-intuitive user interface that just about anyone can use, definitely puts Device Reviver as one of the finest driver updating utilities currently available. That, combined with an unprecedented level of driver backup support that ensures the stability of your computer, and an integrated task scheduler that lets you have your PC updated at all times, raises the bar to insurmountable heights when it comes to PC driver updating.