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While OS X requires very little maintenance when compared to Windows operating systems, duplicate files, corrupt programs, and unwanted startup applications can slow down your Mac as time goes by. Thanks to ReviverSoft’s MacReviver, however, you can get you Mac up and running faster than ever before. Whether it’s removing unwanted files to free up storage space on your fusion drive, uninstalling applications properly to prevent miscellaneous items from being left behind, or managing startup items to increase boot speeds, MacReviver lets you do just that and a whole lot more.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

MacReviver features a super-intuitive user interface that any Mac user get familiarized with instantly. The application features multiple side-tabs that are separated into four sections — Home, Security, Cleaning, and Optimization. The Home section features the dashboard, where you can instantly find out information relevant to the efficiency of your Mac at a glance, such as potential space savings, battery status, applications summary, etc. Under the Security section, you should see various security-related features that, for example, let you pinpoint your Mac on your mobile in case you lose it, as well as secure file deletion techniques to permanently remove sensitive data.


Moving on, the Cleaning section features multiple file management options, which let you clean up unnecessary files to save disk space, scan for duplicate items on connected storage drives, check upon disk usage to determine what items use up the most space, and remove unnecessary programs without leaving any traces behind. Finally, the Optimization section gives you access to the startup items list, where you can enable or disable startup programs to improve the speed of OS X at startup, as well as access to multiple power management profiles that let you maintain the battery on a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro even more efficiently than before.

File Management

MacReviver brings to the table a plethora of features that focus on all aspects of file management — Quick Cleanup, Duplicate Finder, Files Finder, Disk Usage, and Uninstaller. With the Quick Cleanup feature, you can instantly scan any partition on your Mac — specifically the partition that contain OS X — for any outdated files generated by the operating system, and then delete them to free up storage space as well as reduce clutter. Both the Duplicate Finder and File Finder features also perform similar functionalities, where you can scan for duplicate files — specifically video and audio files — that might be eating up a ton of storage space.

With the Disk Usage module, you can instantly determine exactly what type of items have taken up the most storage space on your local storage device — documents, downloads, pictures, videos, music, trash, system cache, programs, etc. MacReviver automatically scans the entire drive for items, and presents them in an easy-to-view fashion along with the amount of space taken up by each item. Further, you can manually check the files within each category, and delete those that you deem as unnecessary. On the other hand, the Uninstaller option provides you with much needed functionality when it comes to removing unwanted programs without leaving behind any left-over traces on your Mac.

Mac OS X Optimization

With MacReviver’s integrated Startup Items module, you can instantly find out any applications that launch at computer startup. If you find any items that you don’t want running in the background, you can disable the programs to prevent them from loading and sapping up valuable resources that could be used by other critical applications — disabling unwanted items also give you the added benefit of booting up OS X faster. If you are using a Macbook, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro, the built-in Battery Optimization feature should prove useful — with access to multiple power management profiles, you can get even more time out of your Macbook than ever before.

Security Features for Mac

MacReviver also features various options that enhance the security of your Mac. You can, for example, secure your Macbook with the Anti-Theft Protection module — similar to Find iPhone — where you can get GPS locations of your device in case you lose it. If your Macbook was stolen, the Anti-Theft Protection module even has the ability to remotely take photographs of the person using the Mac so that you can identify who the perpetrator is. In addition, MacReviver also features secure file deletion functionality in the form of Shredder and Free Space Cleaner — the former lets you delete sensitive items to prevent data recovery, while the latter permanently erases any traces of items that were already deleted.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of features present in MacReviver is amazing. Not only does the utility provide you with a plethora of file management features to get rid of clutter and free up valuable disk space on your Mac, but it also includes various optimization features that let you boot up your Mac faster than ever before, as well as cut down on power usage significantly with access to multiple power profiles. That, combined with multiple features that enhances the security of your Macbook and any sensitive files present in it, make MacReviver worth every penny.