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Thanks to PC Reviver, you no longer have to worry about the performance of your PC. With the uncanny ability to detect all pertinent issues related to the functionality of the operating system, PC Reviver gets your computer up and running even faster than before. Whether it’s cleaning up your registry to improve the stability of the operating system, updating drivers to avoid conflicts between the OS and hardware, defragmenting the system registry to increase performance, or removing corrupted applications permanently from your computer, PC Reviver lets you do just that and a whole lot more.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

PC Reviver features a clean and uncluttered user interface that just about anyone can familiarize themselves with instantly — available features are separated under four labeled tabs, namely, Home, Repair, Maintain, and Restore. Under the Home tab, you find summarized information about your hardware, operating system, and installed applications, including any actions that you have to take to optimize your PC.


The Repair tab, on the other hand, features your registry cleaning, driver update, and disk cleaning options, while the Maintain tab gives you access to multiple maintenance tools such as Crash Helper, Driver Backup, Registry Defrag, Startup Manager, etc. Finally, the Restore tab features options that allow you to restore your registry and driver backups in case things go wrong.

Running Repairs on Your PC

With up to three PC repair tools — Registry Cleaner, Driver Updater, and Disk Cleaner — you can have your computer up and running without any issues in no time. Registry Cleaner actively crawls your system registry for any outdated or redundant registry keys, where you can then have them removed to increase the stability of operating system as well as improve the performance of installed applications.

Driver Updater, on the other hand, automatically scans installed hardware components and cross checks for installed drivers, where it then compares the information with an online database and notifies you of any newer versions — just select the outdated driver and PC Reviver automatically updates it for you. Finally, Disk Cleaner lets you have any outdated or duplicate files removed instantly from your hard drive, thereby freeing up invaluable space that could be used for other purposes.

Performing System Maintenance

PC Reviver features a plethora of system maintenance tools that you can use to keep your computer up and running in top shape — Crash Helper, Disk Explorer, Driver Backup, Process Library, Registry Defrag, Startup Manager, System Info, and Uninstall Manager. You can find a brief description on what these tools do below:

Crash Helper

Input any error codes and get a detailed description instantly. PC Reviver also provides you with solutions that you can use to resolve the issue, and even features screenshots to make performing diagnostics much easier.

Disk Explorer

Allows you to view all files and folders on any internal or external storage devices connected to your computer. You can instantly copy, move, and delete items, making it very similar to Windows’ own File Explorer applet; but much easier to use.

Driver Backup

Features important functionality that allows you to back up your current drivers. You can choose to backup either all hardware drivers at once or just select drivers individually.

Process Library

Need to know the functionality of a particular process that’s running on the Task Manager? Just enter the process name and you can instantly find out what it does; useful for identifying malicious processes.

Registry Defrag

Defragments a fragmented system registry for an overall faster PC environment. Also features the ability to back up registry keys in case things go wrong during the defragmentation process.

Startup Manager

Allows you to view all applications that automatically runs in the background at system startup. You can instantly turn off any unwanted applications to increase the boot speed of the operating system.

System Info

Provides you with detailed information about all installed hardware, active process, and OS services. You can print out or save any detected information immediately.

Uninstall Manager

Do you have any corrupted applications that can’t to be uninstalled by normal means? Just use PC Reviver’s Uninstall Manager, and you can have them removed in no time, including any corrupted registry keys left behind by these applications.

Restoring Registry and Drivers

Since you can back up your system registry and hardware drivers at any time of choosing, PC Reviver also provides you with the functionality to have them restored just in case things go wrong while repairing or maintaining your PC. Just select the backup archive that you want restored, and PC Reviver automatically restores your system registry or hardware drivers to their previous states.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of PC optimization features present in PC Reviver is simply astounding. Not only does it do a terrific job at improving the speed of your computer, but integrated support for maintaining the efficiency of the operating system, along with a detailed database that lets you resolve any issues you might come across, definitely puts it up as one of the finest optimization utilities currently available. Not just that, but an unparalleled backup functionality actively ensures nothing goes wrong during any optimization or maintenance procedure, thereby raising the bar to insurmountable heights when it comes to PC optimization.