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Registry Reviver, Canadian-based software developer ReviverSoft’s solution to PC optimization, makes fixing any registry-related issues a breeze. With the ability to detect redundant file associations, uninstall entries, and outdated startup items, you can repair the system registry and get you PC working faster than ever before. Registry Reviver isn’t just limited to fixing corrupt registry keys; an integrated Startup Manager lets you determine the speed of your PC at startup, while a separate feature called the Registry Optimizer gives you the option to defrag the system registry for a massive performance boost.

User Interface

Thanks to a small and compact user interface, you can start optimizing your system registry right away — all available options are separated under four separate tabs, namely Home, Scan, Options, and Utilities. The Home tab features summarized information about your computer, as well as any registry-related issues that require your attention. On the other hand, the Scan tab presents all your registry scanning options, where you can determine exactly what type of errors that you want scanned. Finally, the Options tab features certain configuration options, while the Utilities tab gives you access to other optimization tools such as the Startup Manager, Registry Optimizer, and task scheduler.

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Scanning and Fixing

Registry Reviver makes scanning and repairing your system registry simple, thanks in large to a wizard-based approach to the whole procedure — Scan, Results, and Repair. The Scan phase gives you the option to select exactly what type of issues that you want scanned — app paths, user shell folders, uninstall entries, program shortcuts, file associations, etc. You can also choose to enable the more thorough “Deep Scan” option for a better chance at detecting registry errors. The Results phase presents you with a detailed report on detected errors, as well as the impact that they have on the functionality of the operating system — from a scale or Low, Medium, to High. Select the errors that you want fixed, and the Repair phase automatically takes care of the issues for you.

Miscellaneous Options

Registry Reviver features several options that you can use to change the behavior of the application. You can, for example, choose to create a system restore point automatically before optimizing the registry in case something goes wrong. Alternately, you can instruct Registry Reviver to only make a backup of the system registry, and also features an option that you can use to restore the backup at any time. In addition, the presence of an exclusions list allows you to insert registry entries that, if fixed, would cause certain applications to not function properly. Further, an error log provides a detailed description of all registry fixing procedures conducted by Registry Reviver over time.

Startup Manager

In addition to optimizing the system registry on your PC, Registry Reviver also gives you the ability to actively manage all startup applications that load up in the background at system startup. Dubbed the “Startup Manager,” you can simply disable startup applications for all users — if you have administrative credentials — or just the current user. Disabling certain unwanted applications can result in significant speed boosts to your computer, freeing up more resources that could be used by other applications. Further, the application also gives you the option to manage system services — both operating system and third-party applications — and unlike the Windows Task Manager, the Startup Manager features detailed information about all processes so that you can make better informed decisions.

Registry Optimizer

To further improve the efficiency and functionality of the system registry, Registry Reviver also features an additional tool called the “Registry Optimizer.” With access to Registry Optimizer, you can scan the system registry for fragmented keys, and create contiguous files so that the operating system can have access to registry-related information quickly and efficiently. Performing a full system drive defragmentation process takes a significant amount of time, so using Registry Optimizer does things much faster since it only focuses on one of the most important areas on the operating system computer. The presence of a file cluster map further lets you check out the state of your system registry at a glance.

Task Scheduler

Registry Reviver also features the ability to perform registry repair and optimization procedures even when you aren’t present at your computer. Thanks to an integrated task scheduler, you can specify a time, and then choose to run a scheduled job once, or multiple times either daily, or weekly. Even if you are present at your computer, Registry Reviver performs the repairs in the background so that you can work on unhindered by notification popups.

Should I Buy It?

With access to Registry Reviver, you no longer have to keep on worrying about corrupted and outdated registry keys slowing down your computer. The presence of various additional tools — Startup Manager and Registry Optimizer — further provides much needed functionality that improves the overall efficiency of your computer. Whether it’s removing redundant registry keys after an application uninstallation, defragmenting the system registry to improve operating system access speeds, or disabling startup programs to improve boot speeds, Registry Reviver lets you do just that and a whole lot more.