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From among the large number of antivirus utilities available for download, Security Reviver distinguish itself due to the inclusion of multiple security-related features. In addition to constantly protecting your computer against all forms of malware with the use of various live shields and heuristics analysis, Security Reviver also protects you against vulnerabilities online by securing both applications and Web browsers alike. Whether it’s removing potentially unwanted programs installed without your permission, blocking certain applications from transmitting data online, or managing browser add-ons and plugins for increased security, Security Reviver lets you do that and a whole lot more.

Intuitive Interface

Security Reviver features a super-intuitive user interface that just about anyone get used to instantly. The application separates all available features under five labeled tabs — Status, Infection Scan, Quarantine, Protection, and Settings. Under the Status tab, you can find the state of your computer and any actions that you have to take — updating malware definitions, for example. The Infection tab, on the other hand, presents all malware scanning and threat removal options. Moving on, the Quarantine tab features the quarantine and malware exclusions list, while the Protection tabs gives you access to various protective features such as the Windows Shield, Internet Shield, and Browser Cleaner. Finally, the Settings tab features various configuration options that modifies the behavior of the application.


Scanning for Malware

With up to three separate scanning modes — Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Custom Scan – at your disposal, you can determine exactly how you want to scan for malware. The Quick Scan option, as the name suggests, is the fastest option out of the three, where you can instantly scan for the areas that are most likely to be infected by malware — system memory, browser cookies, Windows registry, etc. If you want a more thorough and complete scan of your computer, you can opt to use the Deep Scan option, which automatically crawls all hard drive partitions and compressed files for malicious threats. When it comes to scanning the areas that you want — an external storage device, for example — Security Reviver gives you access to the Custom Scan mode.

Shields and Heuristics

In addition to the manual scan options, Security Reviver also features multiple live shields that use the latest antivirus definitions to automatically flag detected malware such as rouge programs, potentially unwanted programs, and keyloggers, thereby preventing them from running rampant on your computer. Further, Security Reviver also features an unprecedented level of support when dealing with online threats, where both its Windows Shield and Internet Shield blocks veiled attempts from, for example, the Hosts file. The application doesn’t solely depend on antivirus definitions to get the job done — an integrated heuristics engine automatically detects unknown behavioral patterns in vulnerable areas, thereby making Security Reviver an ideal solution against zero-day exploits.

Actions to Take

Regardless of what method Security Reviver uses to notify you against detected threats, be it the manual scan modes, live shields, or heuristics — the application instantly notifies you about potential threats, and presents you with an array of actions that you can take to resolve the issues. You can, for example, choose to completely delete the threat from your computer, and if you are unsure about your action, you can opt to quarantine the rogue item instead. While Security Reviver has a high detection rate, false positives can still slip through, so you can choose to ignore a harmless threat — only if you are sure — and add it to the exclusions lists built into the application to circumvent that problem.

Browser Cleaner

In addition to featuring all the malware scanning and removal features present within Security Reviver, the application also includes a module dubbed the “Browser Cleaner.” Thanks to this module, you now have total control over all major Web browsers — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge — even if they are hijacked by malware. The module displays all installed add-ons and extensions that you can remotely enable or disable even without opening the Web browser, thereby doubling up both as an anti-browser hijacker and troubleshooter. The application also lets you remotely modify the home pages for all Web browsers, as well as change the default search engine that they use.

Task Scheduler

While the presence of various live shields and heuristics do protect your computer in most instances, certain types of malware can still slip through, which calls for regular manual scanning. You can, however, automate this procedure due to the presence of an integrated task scheduler. With this, you can determine whether to scan your computer at a pre-set date just once, or multiple times either daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose to specify whether to perform a Deep Scan during this procedure, or a Custom Scan that only scans the areas that you want checked.

Should I Buy It?

Simply put, Security Reviver is one of the highlights from all the cookie-cutter malware applications available for download today. In addition to doing a great job at scanning for malware, especially on vulnerable areas of your computer, Security Reviver also features live protective shields against real-time threats, and advanced heuristics to circumvent zero-day exploits. Additional support for Web browsers also puts it as an invaluable tool when it comes to dealing with malware that highjack them. The presence of a task scheduler makes automating everything a breeze, making purchasing Security Reviver virtually a no-brainer.