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Windows operating systems — even Windows 10 — are notorious for their inability to perform proper program uninstallations. Most often than not, the built-in uninstaller included within Windows leaves behind various services, registry entries, shell extensions, and installer components that over time can result in severe performance issues. With Revo Uninstaller Pro, however, you can completely remove programs with no leftover items, forcibly uninstall corrupted programs, and even use a range of tools to optimize your computer.

User Interface

Revo Uninstaller Pro automatically detects and lists all available applications in separate sections labeled New Programs, Utilities, Multimedia, Games, etc. To the top of the window, a toolbar — called the Command Toolbar — displays all available uninstallation options. When removing programs, you can just select the program that you want removed, and then select the appropriate uninstallation option from the Command Toolbar. The application also features numerous file cleaning and system optimization tools you can access via the menu bar, while a separate panel to the bottom of the window provides detailed descriptions of the programs that you select — file size, installed date, version, developer, etc.

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Uninstalling Programs

Revo Uninstaller Pro gives you access to three program uninstallation options that are all listed within the Command Toolbar, namely Uninstall, Quick Uninstall, and Forced Uninstall. The Uninstall option gives you the ability to perform normal program removals, where Revo Uninstaller Pro automatically creates system restore points — in case things go wrong — before the program removal process. After removing a program, you can choose to search for program leftovers and take action on detected items accordingly — registry entries, files, folders, etc. On the other hand, the Quick Uninstall option offers similar functionality, but also gives you the option to remove programs in batches.

The application’s strongest use lies in its ability to completely remove programs that don’t either show up, or weren’t properly deleted by Windows’ native program removal utility. With the Forced Uninstall option, you can insert the exact name or location of a program and use Revo Uninstaller Pro’s large library of program logs to automatically scan for existing uninstallers or program leftovers. You can also access Revo Uninstaller Pro’s program log database — via the Logs Database option on the Command Toolbar — where you can search for numerous program logs and import them to your computer.

Recording Logs

Not limited to just removing programs, Revo Uninstaller Pro also gives you the option to monitor changes to the operating system while installing programs for the first time — via Install Programs on the Command Toolbar. All detected changes are saved as program logs, which eliminates the necessity to scan your computer whenever you want to remove the installed program at a later time; using program logs result in a more efficient removal of programs when compared to simply scanning for leftovers items. When using this option, Revo Uninstaller Pro automatically takes care of redundant registry keys and temporary files in cases of failed program installations.

Additional Features

Revo Uninstaller Pro also features numerous tools that allow you to free up hard drive space, preserve privacy, and enhance operating system performance. These tools are accessible only via the Tools option on the menu bar:

Autorun Manager

Automatically detects and displays all startup applications loaded onto system memory. You can either remove listed items from auto-starting to improve load times, halt them from running temporarily to increase available memory, or add new applications to automatically launch at startup.

Junk Files Cleaner

Allows you to search for temporary, duplicate, and redundant files on your computer. You can either search the entire system or just specific folders, where you can then delete any unwanted items to free up disk space.

Windows Tools

Gives you instant access to over 15 useful Windows features such as System Restore, Disk Defragmenter, Check Disk, Task Scheduler, Windows Backup and Restore, etc.

Browsers Cleaner

Automatically detects and displays browsing data such as cached Internet files, cookies, form data, download history, etc., on all major Web browsers. You can either remove all browsing data at once, or remove individual items off each Web browser.

Microsoft Office Cleaner

This tool does allows you to clear the Recent Documents History cache off all Office applications. Useful if you don’t want someone else to know what you were working on.

Windows Cleaner

Preserves your privacy by emptying the clipboard while also removing search, document, and open/save history. Also removes temporary files created by the operating system to save disk space.

Evidence Remover

Permanently removes files and folders that were already deleted from your hard drive, thus making file recovery via third-party tools virtually impossible.

Unrecoverable Delete

Similar in functionality to the Evidence Remover, but instead allows you to permanently remove files that are not deleted yet.

Backup Manager

If things go wrong when removing programs, the Backup Manager ensures operating system stability by allowing you to restore deleted registry entries. By default, Revo Uninstaller Pro sends removed programs to the Recycle Bin; you can, however, change this location to a specially designated backup folder, which then allows you to restore entire programs in addition to registry keys.

Should I Get It?

Revo Uninstaller Pro doesn’t just present you with means to remove programs from your computer, but also allows you to thoroughly scan for leftover items — which it does a pretty good job of — and uninstall programs that aren’t usually removable by normal means. With a constantly updated database of program logs, you can completely remove nearly any program that you want. That, combined with multiple ways to enhance operating system performance, preserve user privacy , and clear unwanted files, make Revo Uninstaller Pro a truly remarkable application to use.

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