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Ever wished you could have a time machine, not one that can travel through time like the Waverider, but the software functionality similar to what Apple users have on macOS? You know how terrible Windows’ System Restore is. When it works it is great, and has saved my PC many times, but the sad fact is that half the time it does not work well, and sometimes you don’t have the proper restore point s you need to revert to. In other words, it is pretty unreliable.

You never know when your computer will crash, so you must always be prepared for the worst. Taking backups of your data is an excellent way to recover from, but reinstalling Windows is a pain, one that times a lot of time too.

Rollback Rx Professional Coupon Code

But fortunately you have a solution for this, and it is called RollBack RX. This software allows you to take regular snapshots of your Windows installation, and when disaster occurs, Rollback RX lets you revert to a previous snapshot, and continue from when the snapshot was taken and proceed as if nothing happened, thats what I call a real system restore.

Did your PC fall victim to a malware infection? Don’t worry, use RollBack RX to go back in time, and use a snapshot. You can use it to recover from any such system failure.

Rollback RX Professional has a very minimalistic interface, which is very user friendly. There is a menubar on the top of the window, a sidebar on the left, while the right side takes up the rest of the window/. This main screen will change according to the selection you make on the sidebar, and display the corresponding options.

The main window also displays the amount of total storage space you have on your computer’s hard drive, along with the letters and labels of the drives which are protected. You can use it to see the amount of used space, and the free space. RollBack RX Progessional also lists the total number of snapshots you have on the computer, along with the date and time, when the last snapshot was taken.

If you have used the program to restore to a snapshot at least once, the date and time when it was done, will also be displayed in the main screen. There are two options on the bottom half of the main window:

  • Rollback System
  • New Snapshot

The first of the two options, RollBack System, is what gives the program its name, because it lets you revert to a previous snapshot. Choose this option, and select the snapshot you want to rollback to, and simply click on the next button, and it will be done. See how simple it is to use?. But wait there is more. Before you rollback to a previous snapshot, a snapshot of the current system will be saved too, should you want to travel back to the future.

Now, there maybe somethings you may have changed, files you have downloaded to your computer, etc, after the snapshot was taken. You can absolutely retain them by choosing the options you have on the Rollback screen, which includes restoring files from a specific snapshot. We will explain this later in this review.

The rollback process will restart the computer, and the RollBack RX GUI will begin the revert process, and you will see a progress bar for the same. Wait for it to finish, and et voila! Your computer has traveled back in time, discarding any changes made to it after the snapshot was taken.

How long does it take to revert to a snapshot? The rollback process is really fast. The speed depends on the size of the snapshot, and the processing power of your computer. A test RollBack on our i3 laptop with 4GB RAM, and a snapshot 1GB in size, was completed within a couple of minutes. Yes, that is all the time it takes to restore a snapshot. If you see a black screen with a cursor on it, just wait for a minute or two, and it will complete the process. After the procedure has been completed, a pop-up window will appear, saying that “you have just rolled back your PC to an earlier time”. This is the proof you need to confirm that the revert was successful.

Now this pop-up is also part of the recover files wizard, which you can use to select the snapshot you want to extract files from and save it to your local or network drive. You can also use the Instant Recovery tab in the GUI of RollBack RX to recover files, or to explore snapshots, or to rollback the system.

Back to the main screen, you can click on the New Snapshot option, to create a new one. You can give it a name and a description, and also optionally lock the new snapshot, to prevent automatic deletion too.The Snapshots tab lists all the snapshots that RollBack RX has taken, along with the date, time, the file size, and the name given to it.

Rollback Rx Professional Coupon Code

But RollBack RX does take snapshots automatically on a regular basis. You can see the schedule for this from the task Scheduler tab. You can also manually create a schedule to take snapshots, by choosing the day, date, time that RollBack RX Professional needs to take the snapshot on. Finally, the event logs tab lists all the actions which have been recorded by RollBack RX, such as when a snapshot was taken, or when the snapshot was restored to.

Rollback RX offers full support for VMWare machines, offers unlimited snapshots, can be used with multiple hard drives and partitions. There is a free version of Rollback Rx available, with limited features. So you can try it first hand, before you buy the Professional version of the program. It is so user friendly, that literally any user can easily use it.

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